Description warts

Hogwarts has experience in every ten people in our population.Some disappear without treatment, some are able to turn their host torment for months.

Warts are benign skin neoplasm caused by a viral infection.Dermatologists often encounter a mistaken interpretation on the part of patients. Warts are often referred to as cutaneous horns, senile warts or various birthmarks. These units are not of viral origin and their treatment or disposal are often based on a different principle.

Warts are benign nádorky caused by the human papillomavirus HPV skin. Papillomaviruses are commonly found in the human population and most of them does not cause any disease in humans.

Viruses of this group, but they can also cause more serious diseases such as cervical cancer or other infectious skin diseases. HPV virus contains double-stranded DNA, as well as in the human population is also present in other species. All HPV viruses are highly species specific, so they can not transmit between species.

Virus is a portable touch and can penetrate into the skin, for example, small injuries. Warts are individually an incubation period of several weeks, over months or even years. Thus, a person can transmit warts without having had any himself.

It is noted that a favorable factor for the formation of warts is too long exposure of the skinperspiration, away from one of the most frequent location warts – on the soles.


Risk factors warts

Most often, warts are threatened children and young people.

There are also more prone to warts immunosuppressed individuals, because immunity plays an important role in the fight against warts. Also, patients with immunosuppressive therapy (after transplants, etc.) May be papillomavirus infection sensitive.

The usual transmission points warts are swimming pools, public showers or other public places with a damp environment. Furthermore, the dressing rooms, carpets and any place where a variety of alternate bare feet.


Preventing warts

Due to the portability of warts on public swimming pools and showers are advised not to walk barefoot, ie. Use the bath or shower shoes.

If possible, try to generally avoid contact with infected individuals (especially sharing shower or the like.).

It is also recommended hygiene and regular disinfection of shoes and stockings. Hygiene at public swimming pools and swimming pools should be obvious, unfortunately, it depends only on the operator.

If a person has a wart itself, should cure to visit public swimming pools to further spreading the virus. If the already developed neoplasms improperly handled, infected blood can easily infect their surroundings and create other warts.


Signs and symptoms of warts

Warts can look different. A distinction is several types, which occur most frequently. They are vulgar, or right warts, plantar warts, occurring on the soles of the feet, flat warts, threadlike and genital warts, or warts.

Accurate diagnosis can only appoint a doctor based on years of professional experience. Some departments may resemble warts only while with them not to have anything in common.

Most often you encounter verrucae vulgares or right, general warts. They occur most often on the hands, which seem at first like hrbolkovité units about the size of a pinhead. These will then grow.Later they reach the skin’s surface, the initially smooth surface zrohovatí and gets warty appearance.

Right warts usually do not hurt, they can be painful in case of occurrence around the nail bed, which can overgrow under a fingernail. In the final phase they are referred to as sharply defined round or oval formations cornified surface. Can occur alone or in groups.

Plantar warts are actually a subspecies of the genuine warts appear on the soles of the feet.Because there is a thickened skin, the clinical picture is slightly different. Due to bw grow warts on the surface but is immersed to a depth of cornified skin. These warts can then be walking very painful.

In the middle of visible bodies are sometimes seen small red to black dots caused by bleeding from tiny capillaries in the skin. This kind of warts is the treatment of the most difficult one, since it has a tendency to frequent relapses (the return after cure). After their separation is evident in the foot crater-like depression, healing later.

Some common species are also known. Flat warts. They occur mainly in children and young people.They are small, about 3 mm in diameter, slightly raised formations. We are most often seen in thetemples, chin or cheeks. They are not painful on palpation.

Another kind is called. Tuft warts, verrucae filliformes. These flesh-colored thread-like formations occur mostly individually, in the corners of the mouth, nostrils or elsewhere on the face or neck.Their surface is thready.

The last best known species are genital warts, genital warts. Genital warts are transmitted only through sexual contact. Affects the genital mucous membranes moist environment where they are initially less rosy bodies rapidly grow and coalesce into larger units květákovitých. Appearing may both men and in women, in the region of the pelvic floor. It belongs to one of the most common sexually transmitted diseases. More often affects people with compromised immunity, for example during illness or pregnant women.


treatment of warts

The treatment for these skin diseases are often lengthy, and patients often seem to struggle with warts powerless.

Current cutaneous medicine offers several ways to treat different types of warts. It is important to persevere with treatment, all to consult your dermatologist and comply with all the recommendations that relate to the treatment.

One of the most popular treatments is called. Cryotherapy. Generally it is a “freezing” the wartwith liquid nitrogen or other strongly supercooled substance. Cures are so general and flat warts treatment is permissible for genital warts.

Freezing is painful in the short term, however, we do not need to worry warts tend to subside quickly after freezing and smaller warts often do not need to repeat cryotherapy. Within a few days to create a frozen spot blister, with whom she falls warts.

Another option is surgical removal of warts path. This eliminates the warts and warts larger scale,the procedure is usually performed in local anesthesia. Smaller departments such as filamentous warts can retrieve a sharp spoon.

Some types of warts, particularly vulgar warts can be removed only conservative treatment. For this purpose utilizes salicylic acid, after which the application of the horny formations gradually soften and are removed painlessly scalpel.

As mentioned above, the immune system sometimes wart order itself, and therefore it can happen that the medical interventions are required. Visit a dermatologist but it is always recommended. If you start with effective treatment in time to prevent widespread výsevům warts and arduous and lengthy treatment of several departments.


How can I help myself

Since warts are partly a matter of the immune system, it is possible that on them takes many things. Some old sources recommend the orange juice of celandine, others garlic or even slug slime.

Given that warts go to a certain extent, especially in sensitive individuals treated suggestively, it is possible that alternative procedures in some instances actually occupy.

It is important however to remember that tampering, especially squeezing, cutting or similar interventions may result in a more even distribution of warts in still uncontaminated tissue. So the whole process can significantly prolong treatment and miserable.

Dermatologist treatment should not be afraid, even slightly painful procedures are easy to redeem the absence of unsightly warts.


complications warts

Although warts are actually a trivial disease, they can cause a lot of unpleasant moments, especially if pain or cosmetic problems.

Larger warts can cause scarring and therefore it is advisable to surrender as soon as possible into the hands of doctors who not only removes already formed neoplasms but prevents their eventual seeding and growth.

The special chapter, there are warts that are transmitted by sexual contact and it ranks among the sexually transmitted disease. The wart is again good to visit their gynecologist or dermatologist,who will schedule a possible treatment.

Some current vaccine against cervical cancer and include antibodies against some viruses causing unpleasant warts.

Other names: Verrucas, verrucae

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