Description of thrush

The thrush is sometimes for a lifetime to meet a quarter of our population. Afta seems less painful pustule oral cavity, unlike the haze that forms on the lips.

Thrushes occur mainly in younger people more likely to affect women than men. It is reported that in a population of humans to thirty occur in up to one fifth of individuals. After a thirty sores occur less frequently.

The exact cause is not yet known to thrush, often speaks about a result of impaired immunity and therefore the oral microflora. Thrush does not belong to serious diseases, but they can cause unpleasant pain and even prevent drinking, eating or talking.

The infectiousness thrush opinions quite different. Their infectivity is another crucial difference from herpes, which is a viral transmission without discussion. Some sources indicate that the sores can become infected, but it certainly does not say nobody.

It argues also on genetic predisposition to this disease. If all of them can speak as a really big influence of environment

Risk factors thrush

Thrush is most often affects women and young people generally thirty years.

Because the thrush sowing conditioned and hormonal changes may occur more frequently in womenbefore menstruation.

It is further noted that the risk is increasing thrush stress load, which as previously mentioned changes in hormonal balance associated with the immune system. If the protection system of the organism weakened, again increasing the risk of damage to the oral mucosa.

Furthermore, mouth ulcers occur more frequently in individuals with dentures or braces, in these cases, in fact increase the surface area for deposition of harmful bacteria in the mouth.

Negatively, in terms of thrush also operates habits as biting or chewing the face, lips or tongue.Irritation of the mucous membrane is again prone to inflammation.

Likewise, it may be the reason for thrush sharp end of a tooth or dental fillings or poorly fitting dentures.

Another risk group are smokers or people regularly chewing tobacco. Here the mucosa disrupted by repeated contact with foreign substances, and therefore it is susceptible to various infections or lesions.

Another reason may be lack of vitamins, especially vitamins of the B series, which can be found for example in yeast.

They also say the individual sensitivity to the ingredients of some toothpastes or foods to which bodies of some individuals react just sowing thrush.

thrush prevention

Since thrush is highly dependent on the state of the immune system, its support is one of the ways to prevent these problems. Protecting the immune system is in good nutrition, enough sleep and avoiding long-term stress.

Other prevention lies in the proper oral care, so that it not to proliferate foreign microorganisms that might damage the mucosa.

Of course you need while avoiding the risk thrush above factors, such as smoking, damage to the lining of the mouth or biting any irritating sanitation and food. If you are prone to thrush, use a toothbrush with sharp and hard bristles.

Apart from the classic vitamins supporting immunity (vit. C) is highly recommended to gain more B vitamins, which include eg. Folic acid (commonly sold in so-called. B- complex) as small sores on the oral mucosa are one of the first signs of shortages .

Signs and symptoms of mucositis

Thrush is a small, whitish or yellowish pustule on the oral mucosa, usually trimmed in red. Their size can range from the size of a pinhead to about 0.5 cm square.

They can occur anywhere in the oral cavity, most commonly on the inside of the cheek, then on the palate or tongue.

We distinguish between small and large sores. Small thrush does not exceed the normal půlcentimetr and disappear spontaneously within ten days, without being left a scar. In contrast, so-called. Major aphthae may heal more slowly, sometimes for several weeks, and leave scars. Large sores are often the cause of biting pains that ruined the otherwise normal activities such as eating or drinking.Inconvenient pain usually appear already a day in advance before the discovery aft.

Painful spots on the oral mucosa are already evident the day before the onset of pimples, then you have a typical whitish surface is reddish edge. Suddenly, he may occur in the mouth a few.

Larger thrush can cause considerable pain biting. It is important to observe the progress of the disease especially in children because of painful mucositis of the mouth may refuse to take fluids and easily then become dangerously dehydrated. Individuals prone to thrush can watch it more than once a year.

Canker Sore Treatments

Normally sores after a few days and resolve spontaneously, or help treatment vitamins or omissions irritating foods from your diet.

However, if the sores so painful that would prevent us enough to drink, they are in the mouth at one time more than 4 or if it hurts enough to cause fever, should not delay in seeing a doctor. This is also the case that the recurring thrush more than three times a year ha or treatment lasts longer than two weeks. The best advice thrush dentist.

Currently, there are many preparations to mitigate the unpleasant symptoms of aphthous stomatitis.They are local anesthetics that after the destruction of the desensitized the area.

Furthermore, you can meet with disinfectants oral cavity, oral mucosa when you get rid of excess amounts of pathogenic bacteria, which can promote inflammation.

Treatment thrush is more difficult than for cold sores that there is no clear cause as the mist and also that the applied ointments and gels are easily washed off with a moist environment of the oral cavity. Some gels, however, characterized by high adhesion, wash temporarily covered and therefore allow, for example, eat or drink. Often, but at the cost of temporary loss of taste.

How can I help myself

The momentary pain helps suck on an ice cube to numb the mouth overall.

Calming effect may also have rinses chamomile, you can also meet special herbal mouthwash, which would also have the mouth to calm down and disinfected.

During treatment thrush Avoid spicy foods and coffee, as well as other irritating and acidic foods such as citrus or tomatoes and peppers. Smoking and chewing tobacco, as well as chewing gum can irritate the oral mucosa and thus complicate the treatment of mucositis.

complications of thrush

Already mentioned dehydration of young children is not so complications such rather extreme thrush side effect. If an adult thrush threaten drinking habits, with small children should be supervised at him twice.

It is also an immune problem, so we have to thrush should be more careful in times of illness or other immune weakening.

In exceptional cases against repeated returning to help thrush laser minioperace when removing damaged tissue invasive laser beam.

Other names: aphthous stomatitis, mouth ulceration

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