Description of roundworm infection

Roundworm (Ascaris lumbricoides) causes disease askaridózu.The Latin name is askaridózy ascariasis.

It is a very common disease, since, according to the World Health Organization (WHO) are infected with roundworm over one billion people. In some states it is estimated that 50% of the population is infected with roundworm.

The roundworm is a typical representative of nematodes (Latin Nematoda). Roundworm also among the worms. Roundworm is 10 to 30 cm long. Her body has a yellowish or pinkish color. Imagines roundworms live in the small intestine classic case of man.Females after fertilization lay large number of eggs that leave the faeces into the environment.

In the external environment during the two to three weeks developing larva in the egg, and it becomes egg infectious. In case of ingestion of eggs hosted in his gut the larvae hatch, which is released and penetrates the intestinal wall, which gets into the blood and lymphatic circulation.

Blood gets through the heart into the lungs, the lungs enters the trachea up to the larynx and into the pharynx, where after ingestion gets again into the digestive tract (small intestine). The small intestine, which is a typical localization adult roundworm, the destination is this nematode.

The roundworm is a cosmopolitan body (is distributed worldwide). He lives mainly in the tropics and subtropics, but commonly it is found in the temperate zone. In the Czech Republic are still reported cases of this infection. It is interesting that a pig parasitical morphologically indistinguishable species Ascaris suum. Both types of parasites are tentatively mutually communicable both to human and to a pig.

Humans are infected with roundworms when eating foods and drinking beverages that arecontaminated with infectious eggs. Characteristic of these eggs is that they retain the ability to infect its host for a long time, at least for several months and do not dry like eggs of other parasites.


Risk factors for infection with roundworms

Risk factors can derive primarily from the way roundworm infection. What is important is hygieneand food culture. These elements are taken to avoid contamination of food and beverages.


Prevention of roundworm infection

Effective prevention is to prevent contamination of food and beverages. Enjoy a clean and well thermally modified food.


Signs and symptoms of roundworm infection

Roundworm infection manifests a variety of symptoms, depending on whether the larvae migrate body or whether they are already worms in the gut.

Migrating larvae that come into the pulmonary capillaries, damaging the pulmonary alveoli (air sacs). This phase infection is manifested slight fever, cough, pulmonary infiltrates formation, presence of blood in the expectoration of mucus, pain behind the sternum and eosinophilia(increased number of eosinophils, a type of white blood cell).

The number of eosinophils increases precisely when infestations.

Migrating larvae blood can get into various organs and cause trouble. Authorities may be contestedkidneys, then the brain, eye, spinal cord, and the like. Symptoms of these conditions resulting from the localization migrating larvae.

Adult worms stronger effect in infections, colic (severe, seizure, fluctuating time – pain) and other gastrointestinal problems.

In case of very severe infections have worms ability to penetrate into the bile ducts and the pancreas or into the cecum. This movement can trigger a variety of inflammatory diseases. It is, for example, cholecystitis, which is cholecystitis, cholangitis further (cholangitis), pyogenic liver abscesses (pus bearing in the liver).

Another group disability involves inflammation of the pancreas and cecum. With severe infections may happen that the worms penetrate into the mouth or anus.

Massive roundworm infection can cause bowel obstruction, which can be life-threatening condition.In some cases worms penetrate the intestinal wall and cause peritonitis.


Diagnosis of infection with roundworms

Diagnosis of infection with roundworms proves doctor, finding eggs in the feces.


Treatment of roundworm infections

The treatment uses several types of drugs. First used benzimidazole medication – mebendazole(brand name VERMOX) and levamisole (Decaris).

Secondly it tetrahydropyrimidine compositions – pyrantel (Combantrin) pyrazine and drugs –piperazine (Helmirazin).


How can I help myself

The most effective form of prevention is to help in case of persistent symptoms seek medical attention. Generally we can recommend the general behavior of a sick man: stay in bed, so calm.


Complications roundworm infection

The most serious complication is roundworms penetration into brain and spinal cord. They are causing inflammation of the central nervous system impairment.

Further, it is called. Verminosus ileus, intestinal obstruction which is. Thus, the affected person vomits, leads to ion and water imbalance, metabolic breakdown and eventually to death.

Other names: askaridosis, Ascaris lumbricoides, ascariasis, roundworm, roundworm infection

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