Description rhinophyma

As rhinophyma (read rinofyma) is called “květákovité” swollen nose, which is part of a skin disease called rosacea or rosacea as well. It is a relatively common disease, affecting up to 10% of the population. It manifests itself in facial skin redness, veins and the formation of pimples that sometimes disappear after some time appears again. Troubled and disabled patients to their fluctuating course, and since it is a disease of chronic (long-lasting) can very often make life difficult. Rhinophyma occurs in advanced stages of the disease, the nose may grow to larger dimensions and is considerably distorted.

The disease occurs in both men and women (which are more frequently affected), usually around the age of 30. It begins as a redness of the nose, cheeks, chin or forehead, caused by widening the vessels and small veins. Since it is a disease of chronic (long-term), color gradually changes from light red to increasingly darker. In the skin and cause inflammation, which can manifest as suppuration. Probably as a result of these long-term inflammation and other skin changes,structural alterations of the skin. Zbytňuje connective tissue and sebaceous glands of the nose.Create small dimples, which are gradually increasing and the face becomes irregular, zhrubělým. For this reason, sometimes the disease called “adult acne”, but unlike acne are not clogged black pores (comedones) and the name is incorrect. In the advanced stage of the disease highlights dolíčkovatění and swollen nose, which gets huge, květákovitý shape, which is called rhinofyma.

The unpleasant part of rosacea in 60% of cases of eye involvement, which leads to inflammation of the eye (conjunctivitis), which manifests as redness of eye Belem, and thus the red eyes were perhaps also another reason why people ascribe illness alcohol consumption. But there are also more serious eye complications such as damage to the cornea, iris and retinal inflammation, which may jeopardize the patient and the deterioration or loss of vision.

Risk factors Rhinophyma

Risk factors include particularly excessive alcohol consumption, use of fatty creams and products containing alcohol, then drinking hot beverages, eating spicy hot meals, washing your face with warm water, visiting saunas, excessive sunbathing.

prevention rhinophyma

Preventing the development and worsening of the disease lies in the restrictions to exclude effects that cause increased blood flow, or dilation of blood vessels. Patients affected by rosacea therefore should not drink hot drinks, alcohol, caffeinated drinks should not eat spicy spicy food, he should avoid the sun and wash rather colder water. It is not appropriate to use fatty creams, skin preparations containing alcohol and hairspray.

Patients should avoid the sauna.

causes rhinophyma

Previously rhinofyma blamed excessive consumption of beer and wine. This assumption is still between people continues, it should be noted that alcohol may well cause the blood vessels relax, blood flow and thereby flushing (red nose, “pompon”), but the emergence of rosacea is influenced by a number of other factors and the actual cause is still unclear .

Influence on the development of the disease are congenital conditions (genetic predisposition), when some individuals are more prone to illness. This is mainly a congenital defect roztažlivosti and contraction of small blood vessels in the face, which is technically called vasomotor instability.Blood vessels are not able to maintain a constant flow of blood under various conditions and in certain situations, expanding uncontrollably. On the dilation of blood vessels operate various factors, among which include alcohol, whether applied topically or consumed internally. Furthermore, any inflammation in the area causes hyperaemia of the skin, which gets redder color. It is also an inflammation caused by excessive exposure to sunlight, which most of us have ever experienced when we stayed a long time in the sun and we burned. Heat is also active vasodilatation, why should patients suffering from this disease, avoid hot tubs or washing your face with hot water. All these factors can be highlighted described vasomotor instability, and thus contribute to the development of the disease.

Furthermore, considering the negative impact of parasites living in the pores of the skin, especially mite Demodex folliculorum.

Recently, it appears that there is a relationship between the function of the digestive system and the formation of rosacea, especially disorder natural bacterial microflora caused by the use of antibiotics may be inducing factor. In our intestines normally lives an enormous amount of bacteria that are beneficial to our body. They participate not only digestion, but also other processes in the body, contributing significantly to include stimulation and proper immune system function. During treatment especially broad-spectrum antibiotics can cause unwanted affection and the beneficial intestinal microbial flora, which can sometimes be a negative sign for the correct functioning of the whole body and rarely cause other diseases. Lately, it appears that this mechanism could play a role in the emergence and development of rosacea. With antibiotics is therefore a need to treat very carefully and should not be taken unless it is really necessary. Their proper use therefore falls into the hands of the physician.
Gastrointestinal infections (infections of the digestive tract) is another possible factor, which is being considered.

Using fatty skin products may promote the development of skin changes.

treatment rhinophyma

The treatment of rosacea is used in particular local (topical) preparations for external use (creams or gels), containing antibiotics such as metronidazole or erythromycin, or pastes with 5% sulfur. In more severe cases, total effective therapy tetracyklinovýmu antibiotics or imidazole, period of several weeks. The mechanism of action of antibiotics in this case is very clear, probably in terms of anti-inflammatory effect.

In developed rhinofymy applicable surgical treatment. Spider veins can be removed with laser ordiathermy coagulation, which is a method using electricity that high temperature literally “baked” and closes the vessel and thus preventing its further expansion and congestion of the skin. For large deformities to the word gets plastic surgery, which has generally good results and the transformation of the face is often very substantial. This certainly increases affected the quality of life, as well as around them, perceives better, enabling them to better integrate into society.

The general rule is that although the incidence of the disease is more common in women, men are far more likely letting illness occur until late stages, when they are already significant deformity of the nose and less socially acceptable.

How do I help myself

Patients can help smoother treatment mainly because eschew risk factors and comply with preventive measures.

complications rhinophyma

They are particularly serious eye complications, which may arise inadequate treatment to prepare the patient and his eyesight. Conjunctivitis is often manifested by redness and feeling of sand in the eyes gradually may occur in the conjunctiva to neovascularization out there that do not normally do, and inflammation and corneal damage. Inflammation can also affect the internal structures of the eye, particularly the retina and iris, with serious consequences.

Other names: boozy red nose, rhinofyma, rinofyma, rosacea, rosacea, adult acne, bobble

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