Premature ejaculation

Premature ejaculation

Description of premature ejaculation

About premature ejaculation can talk at a time when in most cases the man ejaculates before his partner is satisfied. From a medical point of view can be regarded as premature ejaculation when a man is unable to prolong intercourse for a period longer than one minute.

This disorder is the most common diagnosis with which sexuologist in his office meets and assumes that it is much more common problem in sexual life than often mentioned such as erectile dysfunction. Indeed, most men begin their sexual lives as so-called. “Ejakulant premature”. With the gradual acquisition of experience and confidence, however, this problem disappears. However, the evidence that about three-tenths of mature males have premature ejaculation problems from time to time.

According to some surveys, it was found that the average time of intercourse in men about 16 minutes (for women it is about one minute longer), another survey again showed that these times are much shorter – and about 2 minutes. It is therefore clear that the duration of intercourse and the time necessary to reach the climax of the matter is purely individual. However intercourse lasting less than three minutes is known as a short – ie. Coitus brevis. Some affected even ejaculate even before the introduction of the penis into the vagina. This situation is called a colloquial ejaculatio Ante Portas (climax before the gates). The relative called premature ejaculation when a man ejaculate prematurely while, however, before his partner is satisfied.

Causes and risk factors of premature ejaculation

As already mentioned, this sexual dysfunction suffer many young men just starting their sex life.The situation with the gradual acquisition of experience in adapting and not a reason for concern.

However, the cause may be elsewhere. And for example in the low frequency of sexual intercourse (sexual horniness and irritability certainly lead to hasty ejaculation), fear and anxiety prožívaným during intercourse (fear of unsatisfying sex partners or other concerns related to everyday life) or it can be a learned response when forced quick ejaculation due to unfavorable conditions for coitus (fear of discovery or long-term sexual intercourse with a cold woman who “no longer wants to have quick succession”). It is also shown that many affected is several times higher conductivity of peripheral nerves, and thus much faster reactive response to sexual stimulation.

According to the causes of the problem of premature ejaculation can be divided into two distinct forms that have their decisive influence especially when the elected course of treatment. The first form is called. Stěnička form, which is more a sign of the increased potency of the patient. These patients do not have erection problems often are able intercourse several times repeated.

The second case is then called. Asthenic form of premature ejaculation, which is indeed present sexual irritability, but no power. Besides runaway ejaculation (which can occur even without an erection), these patients also present difficulties relating to the ability to maintain an erection.

Treatment of Premature Ejaculation

The treatment of premature ejaculation can be divided into three basic groups: rational psychotherapy, drug therapy, and functional training.

rational psychotherapy

Involves patient education about the problem and explanation of context. The important part is also to provide practical advice on how to prolong intercourse. Most often, it is recommended toincrease the frequency of sexual intercourse (mostly young yet not too sexually experienced patients), followed by disengagement ideas from sexual impulses leading to a rapid rise in excitement and finally also learned about the possibility of a decrease in sexual arousal during intercourse with short breaks.

functional training

It is designed to rehearse the different techniques, delaying ejaculation. These techniques include for example, patent technique which is recommended just before the culmination strongly push the glans penis; or technology start – stop, during which the patient for about half an hour manually irritate your penis and at every sense of impending climax stops.


Nowadays, the popular “weapon” sexologists. It serves as a complementary treatment for the two previous procedures. To treat chemical preparations, however, it should be approached only after a certain diagnosis of premature ejaculation and the patient should not only rely on fast and a guaranteed effect of these drugs.

Modern medicine offers several classes of drugs that can successfully combat premature ejaculation.These are drugs belonging to the group psychoterapeutics – anxiolytics, sedatives, neuroleptics and antidepressants. These preparations are used in an overall reduction in the sense of tension and arousal. It is used primarily for patients falling into asthenic forms of the disease. Dangers in their use, however, consists in the possible emergence of addiction and also are reported to cause undesirable side effects such as decreased libido, erectile dysfunction or impaired.

Another possible group of medicines used in the treatment of premature ejaculation are called.Local anesthetics (e.g. procaine or mezokain). These substances can for this purpose to obtain in the form of gel or creams and their effect is almost total. It is important, however, when applied to the penis then use a condom that prevents their effect on the nerve endings in the vagina, thereby suppressing sexual experience partner. Side effects may be an allergic reaction, which is at the local anesthetics are relatively common. Increased susceptibility to these agents can be confirmed using a skin test, when we apply a smaller amount of anesthetic on the skin and wait to see if there any allergic manifestations (such as the burning, itching, redness or swelling). If allergic outcome occurs, it is unacceptable to use this method of treatment.

When treating premature ejaculation is always necessary to have in mind that this is a very time consuming therapy and requires the cooperation of both patient and his sex partner.

How can I help myself

As already mentioned, there are several techniques that can help to practice delaying ejaculation. It is therefore a technology patent and technology start – stop. Their essence is explained above.

Another measure that could help solve the premature ejaculation is to change sexual positions.For example, the position where the partner is “on top” is positively evaluated in patients suffering from premature ejaculation.

To reduce sexual arousal can also help condom use.

In conclusion, we give a few tips that can in the fight against premature ejaculation help:

  • nepřipouštějte relax and have no stress. His daily life, roll the head
  • Try to always have a climax and ejaculation regulate
  • about her problem, do not be afraid to talk to your partner, because it might be she who help with this problem can help
  • Do not focus on a given performance and do not think any setbacks

Other names: Premature ejaculation, premature ejaculation, rapid ejaculation, PE

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