Description infection pinworms

The disease is a parasitic infection. It raises worm namedEnterobius (synonym Oxyuris) vermicularis. She lives in the small and large intestine of man.

The disease is only human, and most often affects children of preschool and school age. It is the most common cause of intestinal parasitic diseases in the country.

The parasite is a whitish color, has a spindle shape and reaches the size of an adult male 2-5 mm for females to 8-13 mm. Adults survive in the gut by attach to the intestinal lining (mucosa) special suckers. Mated females filled with eggs (they contain 10,000 or more) traveling outward from the body through the rectum to the anus, where skin in his neighborhood store their eggs. Ova to maturation require the presence of oxygen, which is not in the intestines. The female will die.

The infection occurs by ingestion of eggs pinworms. Most often, the eggs get into the finger, which came into contact with the anus, and the eggs stuck to them. So basically there are so called.Autoinfekci (infection itself), which triggers a vicious circle.

The infection can also occur indirectly where the eggs come at an object, such as a toy or bedding, they can also transfer dust and infect the other person.

The eggs hatch into larvae in the intestine of adults who develop unit, the able to lay eggs.


Risk factors for infection pinworms

The disease affects most children, we can say that childhood itself is a risk factor. Probably the most significant risk is the presence of infection among other children, as well as poor hygiene habits, weakened immunity.


Infection Prevention pinworms

The basis of the hygiene rules, especially washing hands after using the toilet and before eating, you nekousání and cutting the nails short.

Try to limit scratching the anus and every morning the shower to wash away eggs laid overnight.

It also includes frequent changing of towels, personal and bottom of bed linen and pajamas were clean. It should be boiled and ironed, high temperatures kill eggs. Eggs are also sensitive to daylight, so every time you wake up should stretch out the curtains on the windows.

Because the eggs survive in the external environment as well as three weeks is needed in residential and social areas regularly to remove dust with a vacuum cleaner or wet.

Also limiting the consumption of sweets and prioritizing vegetables is one of the preventive steps. Pinworms is for their survival need sugar.

Important is also the early detection of infection in the group and its treatment to prevent the spread of infection to others.


Signs and symptoms of infection, pinworms

Symptoms may not be at all or only slightly expressed when the infection is mild. Conversely, massive infection (appears approximately two weeks after ingestion of eggs) is manifested primarilyfierce unpleasant itching in the anus. Itching is caused by deposition of eggs. Females prefer to store in a warm, quiet environment, because it happens mostly at night during sleep.

Persistent itching at night and leads to insomnia, restlessness, neurotic disorders. Children are sosleepy during the day and nervous.

For girls and women can get the egg into the vagina or bladder. This manifests itself by itching of the vagina, vulva, and sometimes by the presence of vaginal discharge and symptoms of inflammation of the bladder (difficult painful urination accompanied by cutting and burning-dysuria, fever, fatigue).

Consequently scraping occur on skin scrapes, abrasions, eczema. The skin can become inflamed and to fester.

Out of the symptoms are present fever, malaise, anorexia with weight loss, bloating, abdominal pain variously throughout the abdomen. Sometimes the pain can mimic appendicitis.


Infection test pinworms

First, based on history with a description of the main symptoms. Basic examination for the diagnosis of the disease is the direct detection of eggs pinworms. The ideal method is known in children.Graham method, when the rectum imprinted transparent adhesive tape, which will then be sealed to the slide and can be directly microscope.

In adults, it is better to egg retrieval glass Schueffnerovou swab. To better capture the eggs are advised to carry out investigations as soon as possible after waking up, washing, or defecation because they can remove the eggs.

Investigate may also be a stool sample.


Treatment of infection of pinworms

To treat know several reliable products. One is pyrvinium, an OTC. It served once. Even after a single dose usually wipe out all the worms have a 95% success rate. In 3 to 4 week treatment is recommended even once again, to secure optimal efficiency.

It is important also to carry out treatment for all members of the family or group.

Other active agents are drugs mebendazole or albendazole. Also here the treatment is biphasic, with a second dose after approximately 4 weeks.

It is important to note that pharmacological treatment is effective in itself, but a complete cure is not possible without the cooperation of the patient in terms of hygiene standards. Ie. hand washing after toilet, before eating, thorough washing of the whole body, especially the rectum, cutting nails short, chewed his nails. It is also important frequent changes of towels, bed linen and personal.

Eggs are very sensitive to high temperatures, a reliable method of destruction is therefore proper boiling washing and mainly ironing. Significant is frequent disinfecting toilets, sinks, desk, keyboard. Regular dust removal.


How can I help myself

In addition to good hygiene mentioned in the treatment of a number of known folk councils. This includes the consumption of garlic and carrots. Many people also recommends sauerkraut,wormwood buds.

Certainly benefit the reduced consumption of white refined sugar, while large consumption of whole grain cereals, green leafy vegetables. It has a positive influence on both the treatment of parasites, and in the prevention of them.

To relieve intractable itch is recommended warm bath with half a cup of table salt or application of ointment with zinc oxide into the rectum.


Complications of the infection pinworms

If pinworms left untreated, the infection may continue to develop and will appear diarrhea, failureto thrive of malabsorption (inadequate absorption of nutrients from the digestive tract),bedwetting (enuresis), genital itching, vaginal discharge, which may be associated with irritation of the skin surrounding the vulva and the eruption.

In the process of worms higher genital tract of women and girls, inflammation can result in scar formation in the walls of the reproductive organs.

When penetration of infection in the urinary tract can cause inflammation of the bladder, kidney inflammation rarely up.

Although pinworms mimic appendicitis, their actual share in its formation inconsistent. Some authors suggest that appendicitis may cause pinworms, others that they never failed to demonstrate.

Other names: enterobiasis, oxyuriáza, Enterobiasis, oxyuriasis, infection pinworms

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