Perioral dermatitis

Perioral dermatitis

Description perioral dermatitis

Perioral dermatitis or dermatitis rosaceiformis is a chronic skin disease that primarily affects young women. It was first observed about 30 years ago, and with flight attendants, where the disease is rife. The disease is similar růžovce – rosacea that its clinical looks like. The disease is very uncomfortable for a woman because it greatly harms (not permanently) the appearance of the skin and also the fact that it tends to come back.


Causes and risk factors of perioral dermatitis

It causes so far failed to reveal even a partial understanding of disease development there. Perioral dermatitis occurs after use of ointments and preparations that contain corticosteroids – topical steroids together. You can solve a wide variety of skin diseases, but their use must be temporary.

Using these extern should be strictly controlled by a dermatologist who will determine what the right product to the efficacy of the substance and its quantity. Otherwise, people tend to the application of excessive doses of medicine, or their long-term use. Corticosteroids have had anti-inflammatory effect, but also reduce imunitu- in this case reduce the natural defenses of the skin, is also resident microflora (natural bacterial flora on the skin) changing gain other bacteria, leading to a disease flare.

Another reason is the occurrence of long-term use of large amounts of cosmetic products against diseases common in flight attendants (and young women generally), which are often depicted, use, creams, make-ups, etc.

A third group of risk factors is UV-radiation, that excessive sun exposure without using protective creams (also the domain of women), use of oral contraceptives, essential oils, citrus fumes, partner, etc. beard. Continual reaching manifestations of the disease also worsens.


Signs and symptoms of perioral dermatitis

The first manifestation of the disease is the formation of small pink pimples (doctors refer to as pimples papules). Pimples are about 1-2 mm in diameter, around the skin can gently šupit. Pimples can be clouded, bloodshot formed on the base. Sometimes symptoms coalesce into large reddened areas covering his face.

This disease is characterized that the seed expressions usually omits narrow rim around the mouth – perilabiální space. The most commonly affected is the chin and around the mouth(beyond the aforementioned rim), in more severe cases the face, around the nose andsometimes the eyelids. Speeches may burn, itch or may not cause any sensation.


Treatment of perioral dermatitis

The therapy of this disease is very difficult. Must be an immediate cessation of topical steroids,even at that skin lesions temporarily worsen. It is suitable to eliminate all cosmetic products for the face – soaps, creams, lotions and the like. Treat skin can decoctions of herbs and the like. In each case it is necessary to visit dermatology, experiments on self-medication leads to worsening of the disease.

Other names: dermatitis perioralis, rosaceiformis dermatitis, rosacea like dermatitis, a disease stewardesses

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