Motion sickness

Motion sickness

Description of motion sickness

Motion sickness or motion sickness is not a disease, onlydiscomfort. It can arise from any other method of transfer of the body from one place before or during walking – these movements are people from the countryside, so there is no problem in the body with the interpretation of such a movement.

What, however, to think center for evaluating incoming sensations when the eyes still sees the same thing (the rear side of the driver’s seat), but in steady apparatus of the inner ear (file 3 orthogonal channels) is poured fluid and thus generate information about the movement of the body . How is it that visual sensations do not change, but the body altering the position?

There are two possible reactions to this “unexplained” circumstances.

Evaluating the first center is already accustomed to this particular situation. (Eg. The flight attendants on the plane does not usually wrong). So not obtained no response.

2. Centre (central nervous system) is alarmed, so broadcast illogical unpleasant reactions(nausea, vomiting ..) because no better response does not in store. Thus responds frequently, even if it is the same situation that the organism is accustomed to, but unconventionally made .. (eg. The first flight in the storm for a pilot accustomed to quiet flights may mean inducing motion sickness).

For the development of motion sickness need not be a contradiction only as a body moves, the eyes register the peace. The situation can be reversed – for example. If we stand on the bridge and watch the water flowing underneath, registering eyes change of scenery (ie center that evaluates a body movement), while the equilibrium device transmits information that the body is at rest – stands.


Risk factors for motion sickness

Risk factors for motion sickness are all sorts of movements (car, bus, train, horseback riding, flight, roundabouts ..).

Furthermore, they are prone to motion sickness than adults. For example, while riding a train someone can induce motion sickness sitting on the seat, which is the opposite direction.


Preventing motion sickness

The main prevention of motion sickness is to avoid the movement that triggers it (sometimes this is not). When it is necessary to pass a move that threatens us motion sickness, eat before it lightly (empty stomach is not ideal), avoid eating fat of heavy meals and alcohol. Most people with nausea in the vehicle helps to sit so they can observe the route (in a car passenger seat, the bus instead of the front). We have the capability, the perfect place to direct our gaze to prevent motion sickness, is the horizon.

Further reducing the risk of onset of motion sickness feeling that we can influence the movement – because it rarely makes bad drivers while traveling. One option to eliminate motion sickness is driving asleep. Then our center is evaluating the perceptions get information from sight, only the balance system, which is not inconsistent with anything.

For the prevention of motion sickness, there are many different means – from homeopathy, through chewing gums antinauseants, after drugs (e.g. Kinedryl).

It is also suitable supply of fresh air – so it is recommended to open a window to let the fan, or make frequent stops to walk or racing with.
Someone helps listening to music while traveling (the best music in headphones and close your eyes) – rather than on obalamutění central nervous system that helps to induce a sense of relaxation. Motion sickness is in fact to some extent mentally influenced. Therefore, it can be prevented especially in children especially nepřipomínání possibility of nausea and the seizure of some activities (singing, talking ..)


Signs and symptoms of motion sickness

Motion sickness is manifested on a particular person. Typical is the nausea, followed by vomitingoften follows .. Someone sedation increasingly yawning may show up in headache, pallor is a typical, low blood pressure, or belching, bloating, excessive salivation, dizziness, cold sweat ..


Motion Sickness treatment

Sickening basically not heal. There are exercises that can increase the resistance of individuals against motion sickness.

Also, patients can visit a specialized clinic aimed at eliminating motion sickness. The result of this treatment, however, is not entirely sure.

If the patient does not bother too much motion sickness, commonly get along with prevention speeches to each drive in your “risk” means.

Anti-motion sickness are traditionally used Kinedryl (Nokinal) – served preferably 30 minutes before driving (in case of the onset of symptoms during the journey or a longer journey, we use while driving). Other options include anti-nausea Travel chewing gum Gum (also advisable to take 15 to 30 minutes before driving.


How can I help myself

Upon the appearance of the typical hassles for motion sickness (nausea ..) is best to use one of the available remedies against nausea and vomiting (Kinedryl, Nokinal, Travel Gum ..).

Proven anti-nausea and vomiting also has ginger. Therefore, ginger helps sucking candies, chewing gum ginger, drinking ginger tea or chewing fresh ginger (ginger products – including powdered ginger can best get in stores with Chinese food).

Wherever possible, it is advisable to increase your intake of fresh air, ask to stop (because you have people who are doing poorly on the bus to sit up front – first, to get a better view of the route, partly so that they can immediately inform the driver about his sickness and the need to stop ).

When emerging manifestations of motion sickness is not the place to be optimistic and believe that it is “rozdýchá” .. it is better to get a bag, in case that our center for evaluation of perceptions determines that such a conflict of perceptions reacts with vomiting.


complications of Motion Sickness

Motion sickness can in some cases result from another disease. If the suspected cause of a (usually occurs if the motion sickness in situations in which previously did not appear), the patient is subjected to thorough examination.

Another complication of motion sickness is that for some people the symptoms may persist even after the exposure of individuals sickening triggering situation (even several sick after returning from a cruise ..).

Other names: motion sickness, motion sickness, seasickness

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