Low blood pressure

Low blood pressure

Description of low blood pressure

Hypotension in principle, not a disease. Either it is a manifestation of the disease, or simply a manifestation of one’s body.

About hypotension, or low blood pressure, we speak when measured systolic blood pressure (it is the higher of the reported two before the slash) less than 100 Torr (mmHg). And what does this value mean? Blood is the body expanding impulses of the heart, blood vessels, and those flows are getting to the target tissues, organs. Vessels are essentially flexible pipe. And the pressure acting on the vessel wall is that the measured blood pressure.

In arteries (arteries leading from the heart), the flow is pulsating, it is measured two pressures: systolic, when blood is sent heart – during contraction of the heart (systole) – and diastolic, during relaxation of the heart muscle, which leads to his performance.

The resulting pressure thus depends on cardiac output, and theelasticity of the blood vessels (resp.jejich resistance).

Since tissue (organs) are used to the almost constant flow of blood in the body, there are regulatory mechanisms that they are trying to ensure this requirement.

An important mechanism is the contraction (download) the vessel at a higher pressure (in the tissue gets more blood vessel and downloading, thus reducing its diameter, to ensure greater resistance levels, and it then flows as the target tissue is used). Another important part of blood pressure regulation are baroreceptors (pressure sensor) at various locations – e.g. to the aortic arch (immediately at the discharge of blood from the heart) or in sinus caroticus (neck) ..

Baroreceptors registered pressure changes and react to them by sending the respective signals to ensure that the reverse pressure change.

This regulation relates to the curious danger for men (when such routine matters, such as shaving),which can lead to death. Men shave after checking perfect execution of this operation, tested the smoothness of the skin on the neck, crossing his arms after him, and this double-sided pressure on baroreceptors at the carotid artery can they (baroreceptors) give the impression of high blood pressure, which is therefore reflexively reduced .. man faints falls head on the sink ..

The hypotension may therefore

1. impaired cardiac output – the heart is not pumping into the arteries enough blood.
Second vascular disorder – can not properly regulate blood vessel resistance to blood (which is very important because the blood in the body under normal conditions is still the same volume, so if someone needed more must be elsewhere defends withdrawal of vessels in this area)


Risk factors of low blood pressure

The risk factor may be some diseases (diabetes, multiple sclerosis, decreased thyroid function, brain tumors, Parkinson’s disease ..) or overuse of medications to reduce high blood pressure, taking medications with side effect of hypotension (eg. Psychotropics), congenital or conditional increase in slope hypotension (hypotension is common in young university people whose circulatory system is not after rapid growth of the individual completely accustomed to this high growth). Acute hypotension is part of the shock (at a massive hemorrhage, extensive burns, dehydration, anaphylactic shock ..)


Prevention of low blood pressure

Low pressure caused by other diseases can not be prevented. To prevent hypotension manifested from unknown causes can help increase physical endurance – sport (jogging, swimming, aerobics ..) and avoiding situations in which there is heavy pressure decrease (prolonged standing, standing up quickly ..).


Signs and symptoms of low blood pressure

Major difficulties hypotension resulting from the fact that low pressure (acting in addition to gravity) has a problem “to push” the blood to the brain – the brain is not adequate blood supply and oxygenation.

Hypotension is manifested by fatigue, sleepiness, weakness, headache, cold limbs.

For heavier hypotension patients describe the appearance of flashing lights, cold sweat,dizziness, fainting can occur when (especially high among young people is a frequent fainting during long periods of standing, especially when combined with the exhalations – MHD, choral and vocal performances).

Common manifestations of hypotension, which meets in the life of nearly everyone have flashing lights before the eyes, weakness, dizziness, after a quick lifting eg. From sitting to standing.

Very severe hypotension (especially in shock causes) may lead to unconsciousness (depending on setting bleeding)


Treatment of low blood pressure

Treatment with cause hypotension known primarily focuses on treating the causes (various diseases, external bleeding, internal bleeding, dehydration, overuse of medication for high blood pressure ..), then to treat hypotension itself.

For unknown cause hypotension is assessed degree of difficulty of the patient – for minor problems hypotension is not treated. In severe prolonged hypotension could damage some organs that are sensitive to the lack of flowing blood (kidney, brain ..).

Provided is a spot treatment of hypotension used drugs that affect the stress in the vessel wall.


How can I help myself

If hypotension manifested in sudden waking up is needed to perform this motion slowly, gradually, if eg. About getting out of bed, it is advisable to first on the bed for a moment to sit down and then slowly rise.

For people who make low blood pressure problems during long space in vydýchaných areas (tram, bus, concert halls ..) can help thwart feet (at least a little blood so “squeezed” out of legs and can flow to the heart and then to the head) or cut the head position (sit down, put your head between your knees, put your hands up, bow to “tying shoelaces” ..).

In the case of heavier hypotension, with omdlíváním, store patient in lying position and raise his legs to keep blood from the legs had facilitated the way to the top of the body).

Hypotonik should drink a lot (to the volume of body fluids – including blood – the greatest). Withcoffee, normally recommended to increase the pressure, but caution since induces a momentary increase of pressure, but then the pressure may conversely decrease even more. It is preferable toweak black tea with sugar. It can recommend vitamin C, licorice ..

Someone can also help more salt. Generally, it is appropriate to increase physical endurance.


Complications of low blood pressure

Complications can be some of the problems with the authorities, which are sensitive to poor circulation (hence the need strong prolonged hypotension hospital deal). Equally dangerous complications may be injuries caused by falls while of spinning or fainting.

You also need to check when detecting hypotension heart, because one of the causes hypotension may be a malfunction (does not have the power to make during one contraction fielded enough blood).

Other names: hypotension, hypotension, postural hypotension

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