Description incontinence

Incontinence affects such as during the life of up to fifty percent of women. I am not one disease, but actually a symptom(symptom) occurring for various reasons.

There are several types of incontinence often occurs so. stress incontinence, ie. leak small amounts of urine, for example, when you laugh, cough, sneeze, heavy physical exertion, such as lifting or exercising. This type is also the most treatable, and it is an important issue in time to consult with your doctor.

Further we distinguish so. urge incontinence, which, unlike previous accompany sudden urge to urinate. Woman with this type of incontinence is energized several times a day and this strong urge often happens that leakage occurs, because the toilet misses occur. This type is usually the result of another disease, such as bacterial inflammation of the urinary tract.
These cases are treated by removing the underlying cause (antibiotics etc.).

Another type is overflow incontinence, where on nervous disorders bladder is unable to empty completely.

There are also mixed incontinence, when there is a combination of different causes.

The severity of this disease lies in its social, hygiene and personal acceptance. For most people, the idea is no operation basic functions humiliating, or at least intimate and it is hard for them to talk about these issues. )
Women suffering from urinary incontinence may therefore be excluded from active professional, social or sexual life. It is important that incontinence is curable and does not consider it to be something normal that already simply must be.


Risk factors for urinary incontinence

The incidence of urinary incontinence increases with age women, where the level drops female hormone estrogen and simultaneously permit the pelvic floor muscles, particularly after menopause.This could be to experience a difficult birth, or prolonged excessive physical stress when lifting loads.

Bladder weakness can also occur due to other diseases, such as e.g. diabetes mellitus (diabetes) or a neurotic disorder. One possible cause is also an infection of the lower urinary tract (in acute incontinence). Greater risk is also in obesity, or chronic cough when the bladder is exposed to greater stress.


prevention incontinence

Because of the possible causes of the partial prevention, and in this case, strengthening the pelvic floor muscles, whether special exercises or maintaining overall physical condition. It also is related to obesity as a risk factor. Incontinence unfortunately act as factors which influence can not, therefore, prevention of this disease is not far from foolproof.


Signs and symptoms of incontinence

Symptoms of the disease are therefore sudden leakage of urine, while heavy physical exertion or increased intra-abdominal pressure (sneezing, coughing, etc.).

For many women, now the question arises, how to recognize the severity of the disease. This aspect is very individual. For very active women may already be an initial stage unacceptable incontinence problem, on the other hand, there are women who suffer from advanced bladder weakness and still take incontinence as something that is a normal part of their lives. It is not. It is a treatable disease, and nothing should women take for granted.

Therefore, in general: avoid deliberately activities for which could lead to leakage? Do you wear a pad to capture urine? You limit your fluid intake for fear of a larger leak urine? There is a sudden leaks during exercise, coughing, sneezing or laughing? Incontinence restricts you in your everyday activities (work, trips, sport)? If your answer to one or more of these questions is yes, you should solve their incontinence.


incontinence treatment

Although incontinence is a subject that women do not like to speak, there are multiple ways to solve this problem. Importantly, among other things come in time to consult your doctor, and do not let urinary leakage occur in the later stages, when treatment is more difficult.

Incontinence can, of course, to some extent, “camouflage” whether preventing risky situations or wearing pads to capture accidentally leaked urine. These methods but does not address long-term incontinence, and if problems persist, the rule “the sooner the better.” Bladder weakness is now so prevalent theme that be difficult to find a doctor who would not know how to help you. In addition, there are specialized centers throughout the country, aimed directly at the problem.

Probably the first recommendation from a doctor will be called. Kegel pelvic floor exercises,special exercises when trying to restore bladder and tube support weak muscles. It is a method that is not invasive, but it’s up to the patient to follow the exercise regime. This method is effective but only if the cause of incontinence weakening of the pelvic floor muscles (the most common cause) and heavier degrees of urinary leakage have no effect. In essence, consciously download sphincter, which can stop the flow of urine.

A second method of treatment may be hormonal therapy. Woman after menopause may be at risk of urine leakage due to lower levels of the female hormone estrogen, which supplies the body in the form of vaginal suppositories, creams or tablets.

Surgical treatment. In recent years, came to the fore minimally invasive implanted TVT tape that removes the cause of incontinence forever. The tape is slack support for the urethra, which again is resistant to stress and stress factors.

The operation is really a mini – takes about 30 minutes and is performed under local anesthesia and a woman can return to their daily routine for two days.

The tape is not suitable for pregnant women and women planning pregnancy. It is also important to mention that earlier spoke against TVT price, performance came when a woman up to several thousand sums (about 15 000 CZK), now power is fully covered by insurance.

There are other surgical methods of treatment of incontinence, TVT technique is most widely used but for its minimal invasiveness and overall rapid recovery after surgery.


How can I help myself

In addition to preventing obesity as one of the unfortunately numerous risk factors and strengthen the sphincter that women themselves really can not do much.

For proper treatment of incontinence, when you need to first correctly identify the cause urine leakage it is appropriate to establish a so-called. Voiding calendar. Do this simple diary is written daily fluid intake and bladder emptying mode. It is important to have plenty of fluids, and omit drinks that contain alcohol and caffeine (a substance that irritates the bladder). In this calendar, the doctor can easily identify the cause and then start the correct treatment.


complications incontinence

Possible complications of treatment lies in the side effects of medication or standard operating complications during invasive treatment.

The introduction of TVT tape is now already so minimally invasive method that is minimally risky. All methods of treatment, it is necessary first to deal with a doctor who will recommend the most appropriate method. Do not be afraid to talk about their incontinence and do not let it limit them.Every woman has had the right to hold urine.

Other names: bladder weakness, urinary incontinence

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