Description of hypochondria

Hypochondria is characterized by anxious introspection and fear of illness. And despite that the patient is repeatedly reassured the attending physician of great physical condition.

Hypochondria name comes from the times of ancient Greece, when the then doctors have described as a source of problems in patients suffering from hypochondria or depression hypochondrium, ie upper quadrant. For it is a place that gives almost every patient with hypochondria as the original place of origin of their difficulties. This disease affects about 1% of the population in developed countries are affected equally often men and women. In general practice, however, is a record that up to 20% of patients suffering from this disorder. The basic characteristic is the fear that the individual is seriously ill. The patient puts too much emphasis on its variety of physical symptoms, exaggerates small feeling of pain and spends a lot of time introspection. And despite repeated assurances doctors are convinced that the seriously ill. Taking a mental nature of this problem and requires additional and more challenging tests that have lead to the discovery of his disease.

Risk factors for hypochondria

As with other psychiatric disorders are clear risk factors. There are opinions that the way the child’s upbringing may lead to hypochondriacal disorders. Especially if the children are taught that when diseases are allowed to things that normally can not or are even rewarded in periods of illness (illness should be nicer than a year of health). Another theory is that most suffer from hypochondriafirstborn children when even inexperienced mothers give their health a lot more attention than that of the second child.

The symptoms of hypochondria

Typical of hypochondria is that first occurs after an illness when sick instead of feeling better, begin to feel the deterioration and increasingly pursues any symptoms. This reversal in Heal is attributed to the fact that the patient feels comfortable for your disease because he paid more attention and are often exempt from everyday duties. Only a small percentage of patients will occur in the long term to spontaneous healing. More often hypochondria develops into a more complex and harder to treat dimensions. The first symptoms of hypochondria appear most often in late adolescence oryoung adulthood. But can erupt at any age. Rarely, however, after 50.roce life. Speeches hypochondria worsen during stressful situations and stress. Typical hypochondriacs is that they take a large amount of various vitamins and other supporting preparations. They undergo many tests and they stretch their problems for years. They are frequent visitors to various clinics and doctors no assurance of their excellent health is calmed down.

It is important for a physician to rule out timely real diseases of body systems and patient treatment offered under the supervision of a psychiatrist. More often, patients with systemic diseases (lupus erythematosus, myasthenia gravis, etc.), Which initially do not show any specific symptoms, poorly diagnosed as hypochondriacs. In contrast, they are often hypochondričtí patients after long years of subjugation nejůznějším and load testing, without anyone thought of this specific psychiatric disorder.

treatment of hypochondria

Hypochondria Treatment can be started only after it with certainty exclude the possibility of true disease. Nowadays it preferred psychoterapeutickému approach. It is applied to a doctor, who regularly invites the patient to the examination and, instead prescribed a variety of medications and suggest complex laboratory tests, results with the patient interview regarding the symptoms of his illness. This interview is gradually redirected to a topic that touches the patient’s personal life and interpersonal relationships. Regular checks are also mitigated feeling anxious patients. Such therapy procedure is very time consuming, but reduces the risk of patient disability caused by frequent and burdensome investigations and prevent disease progression to chronicity. The goal of this therapy is to teach the patient to himself managed to overcome their fears and did not require repeated assurances about their health from doctors. Furthermore, to be able to recognize himself when it really is a disease, and when it is only the anxiety caused by fear that he is sick.

If hypochondria, accompanied by a depressive or úzostným sndromem, it is appropriate to complement psychotherapeutic treatment with antidepressants. Preparátům anxiolytic (anti-anxiety medications) should be avoided. And there is potential for addiction.

How can I help myself

In addition to physicians can help hypochondriacal patients and people from the surrounding area.Their role is primarily in hearing the complaints of the patient, however, they not address their problems much attention to them fortify their Domenco. The next step may be to purchase a petwho is sick fixes and instead of solving their anxiety to concentrate on its security. It is important also to appreciate the behavior of the patient, unless it concerns his hypochondriac longings. In other words, if the patient does not complain verbally appreciate this behavior indeed possibly even reward him.

complications of hypochondria

The risks of this disease may be the fact that the disease is not detected for years and actually mentally ill individual is re-examined by various specialists. These examinations, are not only economically demanding, but also burden the patient and promote the development of hypochondria to chronicity. Another possible risk could be the fact that the patient visiting a doctor’s office often without the conclusion of a specific diagnosis may at times be quite unintentionally overlooked and any real illness may be overlooked.

Points of Interest

Hypochondria is often depicted in many works of art. Most often in literature and film. Interestingly mention a few:

For example, in the comedy healthy sick person hypochondriac Moliere played very plausible. In the film world, then hypochondria affects several works. Like Woody Allen – Hannah and Her Sisters; Bandits movie, filmed director Barry Levinson; a famous Danish director Lars von Trier was preoccupied with this disease, and this film Dogville.

It should also be noted that hypochondria suffered many celebrities. And especially many Modern philosophers, among whom were necessary René Descartes, Voltaire, Immanuel Kant, Arthur Schopenhauer but also need to Karl Marx.

Other names: hypochondriacal disorder

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