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Herpes is among the most common infections worldwide. It is a contagious disease caused by a virus blistering behalf of theherpes simplex virus. It belongs to the family of human herpes viruses (herpesvirus family) with eight representatives inducing various diseases.

Herpes simplex virus (HSV) has two types, Type 1 and 2. HSV 1is primarily responsible for causing cold sores on the face, usually on the lips. Transmitted primarily by saliva during kissing, whileHSV 2 is the cause of genital herpes. Among the sexually transmitted infections. However, in some cases, may cause herpes HSV 1 and HSV genital two cold sores.

The group of human herpesviruses include the so-called.Varicella-zoster virus. Causes shingles (herpes zoster).

Herpetic infections take place in two stages. After initial penetration of the virus into the organism may or may not develop so called. Primary infection resembling influenza disease, sometimes with eruption or other service. For HSV 1 to occur as early as toddlers, HSV 2 at the start of sexual activity, ie. Between 14 and 29 years. Upon the occurrence of HSV 2 children should beware of the possibility of sexual abuse.

After healing of primary infection, although symptoms disappear, but the virus leaves the body. It has a high affinity for the nervous system and persists in so-called. Ganglia of the peripheral nerves, which are actually clusters of nerve cells. It did not show. Is called. Latent phase and in the event that there is a debilitation some diseases, a large stress etc., can reactivate and show already in the form of the well known blister.


Risk factors for herpes

The disease is spread by contact. Dangerous in terms of infection is therefore any contact with patients who suffer from herpes (just kissing, sexual intercourse, indirectly shared use of towels, towels, cutlery).

Very infectious herpes is the time between the appearance and crusts. After it has dried, the risk of infection is declining, but can in rare instances, it still contains a number of viruses.

A risk factor is any further weakening of the immune defense. Can occur when a large load of physical or psychological stress, high temperatures, sun exposure, other illnesses, during menstruation.


Preventing herpes

It is very difficult to prevent primary infection. Prevention therefore relies primarily on prevention of secondary infections like herpes, by preventing its spread to other parts of the body, or transferring to other people.

These include avoiding direct contact with someone with herpes, shared use of towels, cutlery, lip balms. You should always have clean hands when you’re suffering from herpes and you touch others or other parts of your body.

Finally it unless regards avoiding stressors that might cause an infection. These include the use of sunscreen and it and direct sunlight, prevent various diseases by stimulating their immune system healthy lifestyle (healthy diet including plenty of vegetables, vitamins and trace elements, plenty of fluids, avoiding alcoholic beverages. Also, do not smoke, harden to exercise regularly, and have enough sleep every day).

Very important is the prevention of herpes in people with atopic eczema and atopic ever, also in patients with impaired immunity resulting cancer patients waiting for a transplant, etc.

Because the HSV2 infection with sexually transmitted infections, prevention of infection in some cases, use of barrier antikoncepce- condom. However, when the haze is outside the area covered condom prevention fails.

You may also infect the baby from an infected mother during childbirth. In this case, preventively carried Caesarian section.


Signs and symptoms of herpes

Primary infections Herpes simplex virus 1

It occurs in infants and toddlers, rarely later. Symptoms often are not expressed at all, and if so, explain as other disease (due to non-specific symptoms). Begin to elevated temperatures and sore throat, later in the neck and redness occurs a few days appear in the oral cavity mucosa painful white spots similar AFTA.

Also present is swollen neck lymph nodes. Problems usually cease within two weeks.

The disease can occur even conjunctivitis. It is accompanied by swollen lymph nodes. The eye is very sensitive to light, tears and eyelids are red and swollen.

Primary infection with Herpes simplex virus 2

It occurs at a later age. Usually during the beginning of sexual activity. Will the eruption on the genitals. Blisters are very painful and usually accompanied by systemic symptoms. Fever, fatigue, loss of appetite, and swollen lymph nodes.

Secondary infection with HSV1

They occur most often on the lips (herpes labialis), sometimes on the nose (h. Nasalis), rarely on the chin or fingers. It may also occur on the eye, the cornea.

Even before its sowing appear uncomfortable itching or irritation. We feel no swelling, but there is nothing to see.

Then, usually within one day of those called. Prodromes the lip appears small, clear fluid-filled blister. Usually itch, burn and hurt. After several days, its content becomes turbid bleb bursts.Gradually begin to dry up and give it to scab, which falls off over time. It takes 7-10 days.

Genital herpes – looks and manifests as fever blister. May be present pain and burning during urination. In men, it appears on the glans, women often on the vulva, the vagina and the cervix.When operating anal sex with blisters appear in the anus.


treatment of herpes

Uncomplicated cold sore will heal within ten days. To accelerate the treatment of cold sores and pain relief can be used products- antiviral acyclovir. They are administered in the form of tablets, infusion … according to its severity. But it is necessary to begin treatment early.

U lip herpes is recommended OTC acyclovir mastičce (Herpesin, Zovirax). But ointment should be applied at the beginning (in the prodromal phase), where we feel discomfort lip, preferably before the formation of blisters. If haze burst, duration is longer forced.

When haze persists despite treatment (home) after two weeks, it is necessary to see a doctor.

Also with genital herpes should visit dermatovenerologist. Mainly because, in order to confirm whether the herpes or another sexually transmitted infection.

When pain is large, it is possible to use a painkiller (e.g. ibuprofen).


How can I help myself

It is important that the haze healed at rest, i.e., it must not scratch, or tear. There is a risk, then the risk that spreads over a larger area. You try to attach hot or cold compresses.

It is recommended to combat the haze propolis tincture, rinse mouth chamomile or sage.


complications haze

Very complicated progress to a serious condition may have herpes in patients with reduced immunity, such as oncology patients, patients with HIV / AIDS or organ transplant patients. Also shingles in individuals with atopic dermatitis is a serious complication.

Complications of herpes of the eye inflammation, scarring of the cornea and conjunctiva leading toblindness.

Infrequent but very serious complication of herpetic encephalitis. It is the inflammation of the brain and meningitis. Manifested by fever, photophobia, sometimes vomiting and various neurological symptoms according to the affected lobe.
Eg. To personality changes, hallucinations, disturbances ability to understand speech or talk. May locomotion or disruptions in the visual field. In the most severe cases can lead to coma or death.

For genital herpes infection can spread from the genitals to other places genital tract, for example, the emergence of inflammation of the vagina (vulvovaginitis).

When a child infected before or during birth, they may develop different forms of infection, through meningoencephalitis to very dangerous, life-threatening neonatal sepsis. It is a serious condition the whole body organism responses to the presence of the virus in blood. Therefore, when my mother in childbirth genital herpes, delivery is done by Caesarean section. Herpes viruses are dangerous for the fetus in the early stages of pregnancy. Can cause miscarriages and various birth defects.

Other names: herpes, herpes simplex, herpes labialis, herpes nasalis, genital herpes

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