Description days

Gout disease is a type of inflammation of the joints (arthritis), affecting about 10% of the Czech population. It affects mostly men over 40 years. It is a metabolic disease caused by excessive concentrations of uric acid.

His nickname disease of kings or rich illness acquired in the past, when the only people from the upper layers had a lot of meat and other foods at risk for the development of this disease.

Cause and Risk Factors days

It is a metabolic disease, when the body is unable to adequately degrade purines, which are characterized by excessive production of uric acid. For all the digestive enzyme uricase, which oxidizes uric acid. Without dissolution or conversion of the acid to the soluble substance can not be eliminated from the body. High levels of uric acid in the blood causes the crystallisation of the substance in the joints, where they can get stuck and a sharp point into the joint by sticking. The most commonly affected small joints of the upper and lower extremities. Can be affected and shoulder joint or earlobe. Crystals may cause both the mechanical difficulties and affect the white blood cells, which causes the formation of inflammation. It then appears as a very painful gout attack.

The risk factors include excessive consumption of meat, alcohol, bad drinking habits, prolonged use of diuretics, overweight and lack of exercise. At the bottom may also lead to genetic predisposition.

Another disadvantage is the gender factor, because the DNA can affect up to twenty times more often and earlier on average than women.

symptoms days

Particular symptoms vary according to the stage of disease

asymptomatic hyperuricemia

Causes no visible symptoms, “only” increased levels of uric acid in the blood.

Normal levels of uric acid in the blood:

  • Men 220-420 mg / dL
  • Women 140-340 mg / dL

Acute gout

Started very quickly. It results in high sensitivity and pain in the joint. The first affected joint is usually the big toe. Thumb swells, reddens, is hypersensitive to touch, and the skin is shiny him tight. The patient often appears chills and fever.

intercritical period

Following an acute attack of gout. Sick suffer any difficulty and it appears that it is cured.Intercritical period may last for 6 months to two years. In some patients, the intervals between attacks, although shorter, but lose acrimony.

Chronic gout tofózní

It is characterized by deposition of gnarled deposits of uric acid crystals (ie. The tofu) to the articular cartilage and periarticular. Recurrent inflammation and further accumulation of uric acid salts and nucleic acids leads to disability and joint degeneration which can result in deformation of the joints and limited joint mobility. Occasionally, tophi can compromise the skin surface and cause oozing thick white liquid.

investigations days

On suspicion of gout, your doctor removes urine and blood to determine the concentration of uric acid. Sampling is done, of course, fasting. The day before the examinee did not move excessively, neslunit, drink caffeinated fluids and alcohol. When in doubt, you can perform joint puncture and remove it from the fluid for further analysis. Here, definitively establish the presence of salts, and white blood cells.

treatment days

In the event that gout is confirmed, your doctor will lead to a change in diet and lifestyle. Clarify the issues you diet for gout and advice on what foods are appropriate.

What medications your doctor will probably prescribe? Mostly these are drugs to reduce uric acid levels in the blood. For acute problems to prescribe drugs for inflammation (antirheumatic, analgesic). Sometimes they may be administered as medicaments to adjust the pH of urine to prevent the formation of urinary stones.

The most important part of treatment, however, is in the hands of the patient. The base is regular exercise, a sensible weight, maintaining a drinking regime and, in particular diet.

Diet demersal emphasis on limiting foods high in purines among which include meat, offal (liver, kidneys), meat extracts, charcuterie, fat cheeses, soy sauce, chocolate, beans, cocoa, spinach, garlic and whole grains. Below is a list of foods containing purines.
Definitely avoid alcohol because it contains high levels of purines.

Among the recommended foods vice versa include fruit juices, dairy products, some vegetables (carrots, celery, potatoes), fruits (orange, cherry, kiwi) and dark and white bread.

In a limited amount you can consume coffee, mineral water, weak tea, butter, mushrooms, potato dumplings, ice cream, fresh water fish, boiled ham or cooked eggs.

Here, an overview of foods containing purines (mg / 100 g)

Meat, sausages: 46 sheep, 48 pigs, veal 48, 40 beef, chicken 40, 35-39 venison, rabbit 38, 25 bacon, ham 24

Fish: 120 sardines, herring 69, 54 carp, pike trout 56 48, 22 Salmon

Offal: calf sweetbread 400, 95 livers, kidneys 80, 55 language

Milk, eggs: yolks 5 egg white 2 milk 1

Vegetables and legumes: green peas 80, lens 70 games, 45 of beans 44 spinach 23, asparagus 14, cauliflower 10, celery 10, hazelnuts 10, almonds 9, red cabbage 8, potatoes 6, radishes 6, cabbage, white 5, 5 kohlrabi, beets 5, 5 lettuce, mushrooms 5, 4 tomatoes, cucumbers 3, 2 carrots, 1 onion

Fruits: Strawberries 5 Blueberries 2, 1 pear, 1 apple, 1 plums, grapes 1 orange 1, apricots 0

Pastry: cocoa powder, 1900, 30 oatmeal, whole wheat bread, 14, 8 white bread, rye or wheat flour 0

It is also recommended to lose weight, but certainly not drastically! It would then be contrary to the level of uric acid in the blood increase and miss some substance. Therefore, regular exercise.

Do not forget plenty of fluids – at least two liters a day!

How can I help myself

Traditional natural remedy cherries, no matter if fresh or stewed. It is said that 250 mg of cherries will keep gout at bay. Similarly, by employing strawberries. Valuable is their fresh or frozen juice.

For the most recommended supplements is bromelain bottom. Omega-3 fatty acids from fish oil or flaxseed oil may decrease levels of inflammatory leukotrienes, which damage tissue. Inflammation alleviate vitamin C and E. The flavonoid quercetin reduces uric acid levels and better absorbed if taken together with bromelain.
For dietary supplements can be recommended aloe vera juice from whole leaf, burdock and alfalfa (alphal). You can also use nettle leaves internally (capsules or tea rid of excess uric acid) and externally (compresses ease pain of inflamed joints).

When pain is a good place repeatedly affected icy, cool.

complications days

In case of incorrect treatment of gout diet and neglect can lead to kidney disease. Decreased renal function causes the formation of kidney stones and in extreme cases can lead to kidney failure.

They may also occur urinary tract, headache, and muscle pain. Among the frequent indigestion include bloating, diarrhea, heartburn, burning in the rectum. There are often eczema and nail chipping.

Neglecting days can cause the degeneration of the joint, metabolic disorders and circulatory diseases.

Other names: Disease of kings, wealthy disease, arthritis uratica, gout, gout

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