Disorder of sexual preference

Disorder of sexual preference

Description of disorders of sexual preference

Disorders of sexual preference feature prolonged abnormal sexual orientation, which usually leads to the satisfaction of an individual. It can be a variety of objects, situations and activities.

Human sexuality can be divided into three basic groups, and sexual identification, sexual orientation and sexual behavior. According to these areas and then divided sexual deviations occurring in humans. To help us understand the following table:

The area of human sexuality and its disorders sexual deviance
Sexual deviance identification transsexualism
Deviation of sexual behavior Exhibitionism, sadism, masochism
Deviation of sexual orientation Homosexuality, pedophilia
combined deviance Pedophilic sadism, sadomasochism, homosexual pedophilia, etc.

Homosexual orientation has however many years is not considered a mental disorder and the so-called. Net disorders of sexual preference (paraphilia) are only fetishism, fetishistic transvestism, exhibitionism, Voyeurism, pedophilia and sadomasochism.

It is not known exactly how much individuals are affected by any of the aforementioned deviations.However, it is estimated that it is a few percent of the population and are more often affected than women.

Risk factors and causes of disease

The emergence of these deviations are undoubtedly factors involving both genetic andpsychosocial factors. For genetic factors, especially the fact that if any of deviance hit one of monozygotic twins, the risk of disability another is very high. Of the psychosocial factors are then described some of the critical period in the life of an individual who can sign high on the development of some of the deviations. These periods include puberty, when certain experiences can significantly shape the sexual development of the individual.

Manifestations of disorders of sexual preference


The stimulus for sexual arousal and gratification fetishists is an object or a symbol only. Most often it comes to lingerie, fur, rubber objects, etc. Very rarely is the object of interest fetishists thing unappealing. As urine (urofilie), stool (exkrementofilie), garbage (myzofilie). Among the rarities include fetishist fixation on corpses (necrophilia). In most cases, the nature of deviance only harmless sort of extravagance, realized mainly in autoerotických imagination. Seldom have fetishists with their disorder some problems (such as theft of underwear and the like).

fetishistic transvestism

Most often it is the men who are to induce erotic excitement dress up in women’s clothes and dresses. This behavior is not, however, associated with the desire to change their own sex, as in the case of transsexuals.


The affected person has a permanent tendency to expose their genitalia to strangers (usually in front of the opposite sex). Exhibitionist does not seek verbal or physical contact with your facility satisfaction. This sexual deviation is one of the most frequent deviations and more often affected than men if the women.

Voyeurism (skoptofilie)

It is a compulsive tendency to regard other people during sex and mimoerotických activities (such as dressing, urination, etc.). As with exhibitionism victim has no desire to engage with the object of your interest contact.


It is a sexual orientation prepubertal child objects. This focus may have the character of both heterosexual and homosexual. Most pedophiles are not able erotic and reactions to objects ripe. To cope with this deviation is different for different people. Some individuals that their deviation completely deny and suppress (it can then be reflected in works of art or excellent results when working with children). Other times pedophile deviation can not be suppressed and a pedophile to his main satisfaction comes mostly through masturbation or nekoitálními practices with immature object. To genital connection occurs very rarely.


The subject of erotic interest in sadistic sexual aggression towards the object. Sadism is possible to distinguish sadism fetish where deviance rather fanciful nature; as well as sadism pseudopedagogický where the main emphasis on obedience and discipline. Sadist in this case drezúruje object of his sexual interest and demands absolute obedience from him. The last type of sadism is then aggressive sadism, where the victim is brutally attacked and forced into sexual intercourse. The aggressive sadistům include most serial sexual killers.


Masochists are sexually aroused aggression exerted against their person. It may be aggression on both physical and mental. It is actually the opposite of sadists.

The treatment of disorders of sexual preference

Therapy individuals with paraphilia lies primarily in psychotherapy. The affected individual is advised of his sexual deviation and therapist mainly strives to Paraphiliacs learned to live with its deviations and prevent his party from conflict with the public. The aim is to teach the patient replacement forms of sexual gratification which do not conflict.

Sometimes it is necessary to adopt the measures, which are designed to dampen sex drive individual. It is nowadays achieved by the administration of preparations containing progestogens and androgens. It is also demonstrated effect of lithium. At a particularly dangerous cases, it is recommended that surgical castration. About this, however, the patient should ask himself.

Complications of disorders of sexual preference

In most cases, affected individuals live in one of the sexual deviations peaceful life. Their abnormal sexual preferences are settled mostly in Fantazija or they are small, harmless “extravagance”. But the problem arises when the deviant their needs can no longer suppress and it is the preference of exceeding the limits of the law. Then there are conflicts with the environment and this requires the intervention of police and psychiatrists.

Other names: Sexual deviance, PARAFIL, sexual deviations

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