Description of corn

Corns usually occur as a result of inappropriate footwear.Rather, they result in dead and horny skin in smaller areas exposed to pressure and friction. Corns However unlike calluses usually found on the projecting bones, especially joints.


Cause and risk factors corn

The most common cause is improper shoe that pushes the long finger against the bone. Corns affect most facets pat, little fingers and toes.

Corns are more often in women, mainly because of their penchant for wearing uncomfortable shoes.A paradise for corns are particularly high boots with a narrow tip to significantly compress the little finger and thumb.


Signs and symptoms of corn

You’ll know it simply. It is yellowgray colored formation about 3-12 mm large. Pain causes submerged below the surface of the pin which pushes the bone.
Lightly scratch the corn begins to crumble easily, turn white and the touch roughs.


Treatment corn

Treatment is rather work for a skilled pedicurist than for physicians. Handier and more resistant individuals can fight corn alone.

It is possible to laser removal of skin formation, but this method is very painful. However, this method can be performed with local anesthesia, thus almost without pain.

If you decide to visit a chiropodist, do not expect a painless procedure. Corns you simply cut from a sharp razor blade, scalpel or knife and taped with a special patch designed for corns. Sure I will recommend proven and some ointment.

An important point in the treatment is to replace the uncomfortable shoes for the better, which will restore the treated corn. Pain may help orthopedic insoles or gel.


Preventing corn

Nejdoporučovanější prevention is to wear appropriate footwear.

It is advisable regular buffing soles with a pumice stone.

The Council of nature: Get Ready a mixture of granulated sugar with olive oil. Brush the mixture and gently massage your feet. The feet remain soft without calluses.


How can I help myself

If we decide to skin formation alone, there are many effective advice.

Macie first leg in warm water or salicylic acid until the skin of the corn turns white. Then gently remove dead skin knife or razor blade and stick to the treatment site larger patch. After four days of patch we uncover and repeat to cure. The advantage of this treatment is painless walk.

A proven second helper can happen patch impregnated with salicylic acid purchased at a pharmacy.The advantage is that it can be glued to the leg of the day. The patch check whether the move. The active ingredient is in fact only to certain parts of the patch. If the patch is shifted, it begins to dry side space which turns black. It does not, however, to everyone equally effectively.

3. Dip a slice of onion for a few hours in vinegar, glue it on the evening corns and leave in the morning to work. Morning foot wash in hot bath. Repeat this process as long as it is a core corn separated from the hardened skin.

Proponents fourth painless solution may try massage corn. Gently kneading can contribute to healing the body.

5th jasmine flower ground to a pulp, then we’ll paint it for corns and glue masking tape. Replace plaster after five days. Repeat this procedure to cure (approximately 3-5 times).

6th frequently used method is the destruction of the formic acid, which normally you can buy in a pharmacy.

7. rubbed onto the affected area can use lemon juice and garlic clove.

Similar symptoms such as corn may have

Warts – After the dig begins to bleed massively.

Other names: clavus, klavus

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