The kidneys are paired body deposited in the abdominal cavity on the sides of the spine. Their task is to filter the blood and removal of harmful substances resulting from metabolism in the organism. These are in the form of urine discharged from the body. Along with the urinary tract and bladder forms of kidney excretory system.

The most common diseases affecting the kidneys is kidney inflammation. He gets into the body mostly urethra. If you do not have sufficient drinking regime, the bacteria causing inflammation in the bladder multiply without being washed away, and continue on to the kidney. There consequently occupies a kidney is thus weakened. For some untreated cases can lead to kidney failure. This disease suffer more women on grounds of shorter urethra. For men, the bacteria must undergo a longer route to get to the kidneys, which is often fatal to them.

If you experience discomfort while urinating as burning or cutting especially in domočování, do not delay seeing a doctor. Sometimes the urine can detect even small amounts of blood, causing redness. This causes the bacteria irritated and congested mucous membrane of the urinary tract. Pain in the hips and fever are clear indicators of inflammation of the kidneys and urgent hospitalization.

Some diseases can be cured when their symptoms have a right to change drinking habits. Drink preferably water alone or unsweetened mineral water. Go for a little more than once a day and avoid alcohol.

Kidney stones are similar diseases. However, arise due to saturation of urine crystal substances and prevent proper urination. One feels the need, but it just does not flow. Kidney stones have similar symptoms but different treatment. With a combination of medication and special preparations you can try to dissolve the stones, if not exceed a certain critical size. In such a case comes into a broken ultrasound, surgical removal or retention of the natural passage of the urinary tract, which is considered a very painful solutions.

Not only urinary stones, and improper hygiene can help to bring the inflammation of the urinary tract and kidneys, but also risky sexual behavior.Hospital environment full of all sorts of unusual substances can also do his, as well as in natural water tank or pool. If possible, take a shower after visiting such a facility, ensure enhanced hygiene and expose their backs cold environment.

Sicknesses of this body part:

Kidney stones

Kidney stones

Description of kidney stones Urolithiasis (urinary stones) is characterized by the formation of stones in the urinary tract. It is very common kidney disease. Stones (calculi) may occur anywhere in the urinary tract. Most commonly in the kidneys, ureters, and…