Description of autism

Autism is a severe impairment of children’s mental development. Name of autism comes from the Greek “autos” meaning himself or me. This disease is in most cases diagnosed in childhood. The child has problems with speech development, is unable to properly respond to information received, unable to make normal human relations and expressed stereotyped patterns of behavior.

Autism is not curable, but treatment and support from family really helps to learn new things. Many people with autism and lives contented and happy life.
In the Czech Republic, states 15 to 25 cases of autism per 10,000 births, which represents approximately 200 children born with autism every year.

Cause and risk factors of autism

The cause of this serious disorder is unknown, and no one she could not yet reveal. Assume the genetic factors, brain damage, infectious disease, brain chemistry or insufficient interconnection brain centers.

Most experts, however, believes that it is a combination of several factors.

Autism occurs four times more often in boys than in girls.

symptoms of autism

Autistic children are not interested in the other person. Eye contact is not bound to react passively to emotional expressions, prefer objects in front of his face, communicating only minimally and seek solace with his parents. Generally prefer secluded from society. For many parents, this fact is very challenging because it looked forward to playing together, trips to the countryside with friends and cuddling during the day. It definitely does not mean that autistic children’s parents do not like, definitely not, but his feelings are demonstrating otherwise.

Healthy children was about the first year of life babble his first words to show for toys, clearly know how to say no, they try to name the objects. Some autistic children may also initially gurgle and then stop, others have delayed speech or even remain mute. It may also appear so. Echolaliawhen an individual repeats everything he hears. Talking individuals often lead monologues. Most prefer rebukes gestures, painting pictures or writing messages. Autistic gestures and facial expressions are hard to understand for other people and not easy to understand what he has to say autistic. For him it can be very frustrating and lead to depression and self-harm. When social alienation often create imaginary friends.
Many autistic people are unable to control their behavior. So they are prone to verbal outbursts and sebezraňujícímu behavior.

Autistics are characterized unchanging routines. Suits them more permanent environment and the people around, changes usually react negatively. In most cases, they are using repetitive movements, which are designated as sebestimulace. For example, they sway, constantly move his arms or legs, round turn on and off lights or spend hours seřazováním cars. Woe to them if someone in the system reached for cars and wanted to play with them.

For parents may be warning signs such as:

The child does not make eye contact, do not show enthusiasm for subjects hear in your name, do not like to use speech, uses social smile, they do not care about other children and does not want to play with them, asking shouting and affect, uncooperative, does not perform to fascinate him toys and wears is constantly at each other, using a special movements like walking on tiptoe round opens / closes toys and nothing lasts.

In healthy children is common (of course every child is an individual):

  • babbling by 12 months
  • gestures by 12 months (stretching hands)
  • imitation to 15.měsíce
  • use of words by 16 months
  • use of the keyphrases to 24.měsíce

examination of autism

Autism is diagnosed by behavioral regardless of the cause of origin.

First performed psychological and psychiatric examination to clarify whether the autistic spectrum disorder (ASD). Furthermore, they are finding a link between autism and other somatic or genetic diseases. Furthermore detect central nervous system.

treatment of autism

Scientists explore the positive influence of decompression (pressurized) chamber at the state affected by autism. For children who have been locked 40 hours in a hyperbaric chamber, the researchers found improvements in perception, eye contact and communicate with others. They’re not sure whether it is only a temporary effect.

Many parents used alternative therapies such as hyperbaric therapy or son-rise program. Often also they practice Vojta method, but speculation about a heavy load for autistic individuals.

Proven success is providing regular educational care. The child must understand the world around him, so it does not absorb. If it is at least somewhat successful, there is great hope for improvement. Autism is not curable, but special care helps with behavior problems, with an increase in IQ and increased autonomy.
Autistic children often enjoy their reward system. It is therefore appropriate to reward books, tokens, TVs, pictures, money, toys, etc. Some agree and remuneration through mlsot.

The World Health Organization divides autistic disorder to 3 categories

  • Autism
  • Atypical Autism – Some areas of development are not as disturbed as in children with classic autism, it may be a better social and communication skills, or lack stereotyped interests
  • Aspergův syndrome – has much in common with autism, such as problems in social relationships and communications, but these individuals usually have fewer problems with language and do not have mental retardation

How can I help myself

There are many specialized clinics, medical facilities and patients autism.
Organizations dealing with autism: The World Autism Organisation (WAO), APLA, Autistik and many others, which will provide valuable advice.

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