Description acne

Acne knows almost every adolescent. It is reported to occur in up to 85% of young people under 25 years of age.

Unsightly pimples, redness and often painful positions, after which often remain scars. Purulent and inflammatory pimples or just an enlarged and clogged pores. Acne is an inflammatory process inthe output blocked sebaceous glands.

The outlets of sebaceous glands on the face, but often back or other body parts begin to clog the action of androgen hormones. Androgens are produced in the adrenal glands and in the male gonads, so acne namely occurs in both sexes, but is more common in men severe. Due to these hormones begins sebaceous glands produce sebum excessively, where also more skin ointments.

Furthermore, they begin to multiply excessively cells of the urinary canal sebaceous glands.Sebaceous channel on dead cornified cells gradually become blocked and create a perfect environment for bacterial growth.

The most famous of bacteria that causes acne bacteria of the genus Propionibacterium acnes. The presence of foreign microorganisms immune system reacts fierce protective inflammatory reactions.Thus the pores formed inflammation, which is already known festering sore or pimple.

Acne is not infectious and therefore can not be transferred to another person. Scratching or improper treating but may spread to other locations such as the face, because the bacteria spreads to other, yet uninfected sebaceous ducts.


Risk factors of acne

The main reasons for the formation of acne is hormonal instability, poor nutrition, and inadequate or improper skin care.

The first of these suggests that acne threatens teens both men and women, because androgen hormones are present both in the male and in the female body. Changes sebaceous ducts affect all teens, but some may have a genetic predisposition to more severe course of acne.

Because hormonal instability suffer from acne also women during the menstrual cycle, often several days before menstrual bleeding.

Skin changes can also be observed pregnant women, individually for better or for worse.

Improper skin care as a cause of acne is often a vicious circle closes when acne occurs again and again due to improper handling already incurred pimples.


Preventing acne

Prevention of acne associated with previous causes. The skin should be sufficiently cleaned so that the pores are not clogged by dirt from the outside, such as various dust particles and also to increase the risks of infection by various bacteria that forms on the surface of the skin.

It is recommended to clean the skin twice daily, morning and evening.

From food act favorably balanced diet with plenty of vitamins and minerals, plenty of fruits and vegetables, legumes and fish. The minerals worth mentioning zinc, which is generally to skin one of the most important.

For acne formation on the contrary, speaks drinking alcohol, smoking cigarettes or eating too much spicy and greasy foods. Negatively and can cause excess sugars and artificial sweeteners.

As with other skin diseases for acne may partially internal comfort organism. If the body is exposed to constant stress, it is obvious that it will be shown on the state of health of the skin.


Signs and symptoms of acne

Gradual development of purulent pimple is as follows: the first sign of inflammation, but not yet visible to the eye is called mikrokomedo. Sebaceous canal is narrowed and clogged odumřelými skin cells.

The accumulated sebum and other cornified cells from mikrokomeda gradually becoming known.Closed comedones. Closed comedones are not on the skin during normal observation only visible closer look at the taut skin.

For closed comedones can become so. Open comedones, which are visible on the surface of the skin as well-known black dot. Black dots appear most often in the so-called. T-zone, ie. On the chin, nose and forehead.

If this open comedo ruptures, poured its contents into the dermis, where it causes the inflammatory reaction. Inflammatory patches appear as pimples familiar with purulent or watery content.


acne treatment

Acne treatment is divided into local treatment directly to damaged skin and overall treatment when treated whole organism using complex tablets.

Local treatment is to care for comedones when trying to get rid of the accumulated content but also to prevent their further formation. Here we are talking about local retinol.

Furthermore, topical drugs include antibacterial substances that relieve skin surface of harmful microorganisms. They are either disinfectants or topical antibiotics. For antibiotics must be observed time and frequency applications in low usage threatens to stop antibiotics for acne causing bacteria to work.

Local supplements to treat are freely available and manufactured by many companies. They are mostly based on salicylic acid, which helps to clean the skin and remove dead keratinized cells from the skin surface. Furthermore, often they contain zinc, which helps to heal the skin and restore damaged tissues.

A total oral treatment is accessed in cases of acne with severe course. First, for women, based on the hormonal basis when certain hormonal contraception course improve acne (Jeanine Diane 35 and others). Female hormones contained in oral contraceptives leading to a reduction of oil or sebum and often gradual retreat acne.

In combination with hormones but usually must be paid acne and topical care. For the treatment of acne was also temporarily put on systemic antibiotics, again in combination with a local care.

The last type of overall treatment of acne are retinoids overall. They operate effectively, but their treatment is accompanied by some side effects. Since this treatment is only available on prescription, the physician should inform the patient always alert to all the risks of such harm an unborn fetus or dryness of the skin and mucous membranes, or muscle and joint pain.


How can I help myself

Skin benefit, if twice a day to wash special means. More frequent meticulous cleaning can be harmful. Likewise washing too alkaline agents such as soap.

Seemingly necessary squeezing comedones can often cause seeding to other places on the skin, and therefore must be gentle expression of inflammatory pimple performed on clean skin andentirely clean hands.

Called. Peeling helps to appropriate cleansing, but not in purulent comedones the contrary, more evenly distributes infections after skin.

There are innumerable precepts and advice on how to treat acne. It is recommended, for example, crossing his face lemon to brighten the skin, ingestion yeast to improve skin condition.

If we have problems with sensitive skin can be used on skin with acne alcohol cleaning agents that are commonly available in pharmacies and drugstores. We should not omit hydrating skin creams, there is a need to prioritize sparse creams or lotions that will not clog pores unnecessarily.

If you are struggling with a severe course of acne, dermatologist doctor may only prescribe us faster treatment, but for example to prevent unsightly scars.


complications acne

With a visit to the doctor should not be delayed if the acne is severe enough to threaten leaving scars. In these cases, medical cosmetics often enough and more professional help hand.

Any resulting scars may remain on the skin for a long time after their puberty, even here, however, may help. Acne scars are most commonly removed through a laser beam where the impaired skin forcing a new regeneration. This procedure, however, intervention may be large areas quite an expensive affair.

Other names: pimples, acne, boils

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