Description abscess

If the tissue penetrated foreign microorganisms body, respectively, the immune system reacts to the presence of inflammation, namely microbes attack the cells, thereby to control. These cells disintegrate and thereby escape into the surroundings so. Cytokines – substances that trigger the inflammatory response.

To the site of infection they are summoning cells whose job is to destroy foreign organisms and protecting the body against its further spread.

These cells include in particular white cells (leukocytes), which are brought to the site of inflammation and foreign organisms absorb. Accumulation of white blood cells in this place filled a cavity filled with yellowish liquid – pus – which arises from inflammation of the affected tissue underpass – abscess.

To prevent the spread of inflammation on, occurs around the place purulent disintegration membrane so formed. Granulation tissue, which may sometimes be several centimeters thick. It is calledpyogenic membrane. It is a semi – inside the cavity begins only white blood cells, but these are not getting out.

The contents of the cavity (abscess) is subject to decay, which causes fluid to be drawn and abscess increases.

If the abscess near the surface of the tissue, or to reach him its increasing, mostly called. Gets out externally, either widely or is formed only narrow channel – suppurative fistula. Abscess cavity so empty, collapse (collapsing), granulation tissue gradually emptied cavity filled, creating a scar.

Generally leads to the development of inflammation to the first surface of the web which is infected (unless it is a penetrating injury). When the infection spreads to the depth of the tissue, generally results in the formation of abscesses. Thus, for example formed abscesses tonsillitis, pneumonia, etc., they are thus complication of the original disease.

Risk factors and prevention of abscesses

An abscess occurs as a response to the infectious process in the body, therefore, the main defense against developing it and prevent its occurrence is to keep the body in a healthy conditionadherence to the principles of a healthy lifestyle. Plenty of quality food rich in vitamins and minerals, insufficient physical activity, avoidance of stress, limiting alcohol, not smoking, getting enough sleep …

In the event that there is already infected organism needs to be carefully and consistently treat – i.e. appropriate antibiotics (if it is a bacterial infection) for a sufficiently long period.

If there is an injury, it is necessary to thoroughly inspect, clean and eventually also ensure healing of means. enclosing clean, preferably sterile wound dressing, keep the wound clean and wounded instead of burdening actions that complicate the healing process.

symptoms of abscess

General signs of inflammation in progress in a certain place are essentially four: redness, local increase in temperature, swelling, pain.

Other signs of an abscess is based, depending on where it is located.

When disability enamel – its demineralization (herein often causes caries) microbes get into the tissue of the tooth and penetrate through the pulp of the tooth to the root, and then to the gums, which causes abscess formation – in this case it also often popularly called pouch. It manifests permanent toothache, which increases when biting teeth are also more sensitive.

Gums are red, painful, it may be seen bowing, or fistula from provaleného abscess.

Peritonsillar abscess is located close to the tonsils. It is the most common complication of tonsillitis. It manifests itself with pain in the neck that intensifies when swallowing. The patient has trouble swallowing both solid and liquid food, and therefore increasingly saliva. High temperature, while speaking ill “Huhn”. If the abscess narrows the airway, can also act difficulty breathing.

The formation of abscesses in the lungs may be complicated by severe pneumonia, aspiration (aspiration) infected material from the upper airways mostly in individuals with impaired consciousness, also can occur as complications of lung cancer. The symptoms of lung abscess appear suddenly or gradually and are essentially the same as for pneumonia – general malaise, fever, malaise, anorexia, coughing with the expectoration of mucus halitosis. When caving abscess airways (bronchitis) patient coughing large amounts of purulent mucus.

Among the sites of frequent occurrence include the skin. Here I am known as furuncle.

Abscesses around the anus (perianal abscesses) usually arise in inflammation glands, which are located here. They can be kept close to the anus or more below the mucosa, sometimes the muscles of the pelvic floor. The affected person has a high fever, chills, pain around the anus, which increase with stools for significant pain can not sit.

Abscesses can arise in almost any organ of the human body. Infection is here introduced via the blood where they can microbes when the body is weakened, penetrate. Symptoms are but in this case mostly already serious, because it is a total organism infection (sepsis). These include fever, chills, fever, foundered, nausea, loss of appetite, and then many other symptoms that are a result of the failure of the function of individual organs, which causes inflammation of the whole body.

treatment abscess

The choice of treatment of abscesses depends on both the location and size. Generally, it is possible to say that a rule: If someone abscesses, it must be drained.

Superficial abscesses are therefore treated surgically – by incising the surface of the abscess and draining. Abscess cavity is then purged to remove all disintegrated tissue and prevent suppuration again. Then drain the cavity leads to its eventual additional content removed. The wound is covered with sterile and often serves antibiotics. This is an ambulatory procedure and the patient is discharged home after surgery.

If the abscess is stored in organs, eg. In the lung abscess under the control of some imaging modalities (CT, ultrasound) finds and through drain well drained. Antibiotics are administered into a vein. In this case, treatment duration takes place in the hospital, it is a serious condition that can lead to an overall inflammation of the body and in the worst cases, death.

How to help treat an abscess

In the event that it is a skin abscess, which is surface-mounted, it is possible to facilitate its caving stoking hot tiles. When releasing pus then increasingly ensure hygiene to flowing contents get into contact with anything, therefore, the wound well and sterile dressing.

If there is no improvement infectious disease that affects (tonsilofaringitida – tonsillitis, pneumonia, …) it is possible that there developed an abscess and, therefore, treatment should be reconsidered, therefore, seek your doctor.

complications abscess

Despite the membrane which is formed around the abscess, infection can go into the environment and cause gangrene (necrosis of the affected tissue).

If the organism is weakened, microbes can get into the lymphatic vessels and through them into the circulatory system of the body and therefore cause systemic inflammatory response – sepsis.

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