Why Do I Have Chronic Abdominal Pain? 3 Major Reasons!

To answer this question you will have to answer some questions. There are three top causes for chronic abdominal pain but these causes have other symptoms as well. So if you have excess gas that is also very foul smelling you may be suffering from:

Giardiasis – This is a parasitic infection. If you have ever drank water from a lake or stream or even swallowed untreated water you may have been exposed to this parasite. If you have ever been camping or have traveled overseas than you should have a stool sample tested to see if you have a parasitic infection. Parasitic infections such as Giardia is very commonly linked to chronic abdominal pain.

If you have greasy or yellow stools that you may have:

Pancreatic Insufficiency – Pancreatic insufficiency results when your pancreas does not produce enough enzymes to assist with proper digestion of your food. This often happens when your body is lacking proper nutrition. It can be painful and will leave you wondering “why do I have chronic abdominal pain?” Especially considering it isn’t the typical condition one would automatically associate to abdominal pain problems.

If you have bloating and gas after meals than you may have:

Malabsorbtion – Is the inability to absorb certain foods. Some likely food sources include dairy products and wheat. Eating these foods can leave you in a constant state of abdominal distress and pain. If you’re wondering why you have chronic abdominal pain you will want to take a closer look at the foods you’re eating every day and determine if you are in fact sensitive to any of them. As much of 90%+ of the population is estimated to be sensitive to some of the foods they consume on a regular basis.

Having that “why do I have chronic abdominal pains?” can also mean something much more serious. Like cancer or a blockage in your intestines. Get checked out and on the road to healing.

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