Transsexuality and transvetitismus

Transsexuality and transvetitismus

Description transsexuality and transvestism

Transsexualism is sexual deviance identify any individual. Transsexual man identifies with the female gender, transsexual woman and vice versa with the male sex. Transsexual individuals feel“trapped” in the body of the opposite sex.

This deviation affects about parts per thousand population and sexology surgeries these patients make up only a small fraction of all investigated. However, this is a very difficult cases where it is required considerable patience and professionalism of the attending physician.

As a sexual deviation is when an individual has qualitatively changed sexual motivation. In the case of transsexuality in terms of changing sexual identification and sexual roles in society. Transsexual individuals have constant discomfort opposite sex identification, different than that which should stand by his physique. They are with their external genitalia and also unsatisfied longing for sexual role of the opposite sex. This desire for a sex change leads some individuals to hormone treatment and even up well for surgery. In sexology practice distinguishes between two types of transsexuals – the first one is called. Female to male specified (FTM), which basically means the man “trapped” in the female body and the second case is called. Male to female (MTF), when it comes to the opposite case, a woman “trapped” in the body of a male.

Signs of transsexuality can be observed in childhood when, as boys tend more to the girls’ collectives. Their main toys are dolls and love to learn, for example, manual works. Girls, on the contrary seek out friends especially among males, which are typical of boys playing games.

The problem occurs when the transsexual will try to live as “other normal people”, which means to adapt to the surroundings and suppress their own feelings. These efforts often end in failure and the individual ultimately aims at least to change sexual roles. In many cases, these individuals seek help from professionals – plastic surgeons.

Since transsexuality is to be distinguished transvestism

In this sexual deviation is an important sign that the individual is heterosexually oriented and desire for changing their sex. Dressing in clothes of the opposite sex done purely fetishistic and autoerotických reasons. Crossdressing are not themselves or their environment dangerous however it is important to distinguish these individuals from transsexuals, especially, as regards treatment.These individuals are in need of psychotherapeutic treatment only and terpie hormonal or surgical procedures are undesirable for them indeed misconduct doctor.

Another variation in sexual identification is called. Crossdressing.
These individuals are able to live the role of the opposite sex, and from time to time turns his sexual role. Unlike transsexuals require gender reassignment surgery, and this variation is with them rather than psychological problem Sexology. Just from time to time to feel better in the role of the opposite sex.

It is also appropriate to mention the state called the intersexuality, when at birth the sexual characteristics of the individual more or less ambiguous. This condition is also calledhermaphroditism.

Origin and risk factors transsexuality

The emergence of this deviation is most often described as the disparity in development centers for sexual feelings (identification) and the center for sexual orientation. Each of these centers can then be formed as either male or female. The understanding can help us in the following table:

Female genital organs

resulting sexuality Straight woman gay woman heterosexual transsexual homosexual transsexual

Male sexual organs

resulting sexuality Straight man gay man heterosexual transsexual gay shemale

treatment of transsexuality

The basic treatment is psychotherapy transsexuality. Since this is a disorder that most likely arises in utero period individual deviation is thus irreversible. It follows that it is not possible and desirable to bring these individuals to the point that had denied deviance. The essence of psychotherapy is therefore a transsexual to learn about their problems and support him in organizing life in different sexual role. It is important to change clothes, behavior and interests, but also change the name to a sexually neutral. These steps are in fact sufficient in some patients and do not require further treatment.

In some cases it is recommended to start hormonal therapy to induce changes in sexual characteristics. For women, that means the administration of androgens (testosterone), which leads to a gradual increase beard, coarsening of voice and overall body changes towards the male appearance. In men, it is used the effect of antiandrogens in combination with estrogens. The result is a limitation of hair growth, breast growth and reduced sexual desire.

The most radical treatments are surgical procedures performed by plastic surgeons. The basis for these procedures is a plastic surgery removal of the external genitalia and internal reproductive organs (ovaries, uterus, testes). These operations are carried out over several years and their implementation requires the consent of the medical commission.

How can I help myself

Transsexualism is a difference that is irreversible and it is important to learn to live with it, not fight it. It is therefore advisable to seek specialized worker in the field of sexology and psychiatry, who knows the issues related to transsexuality, and any questions should be able to answer. It is not suitable to try to suppress the disorder or ignore. This leads to frustration and creates problems in the social sphere postižného individual.

Other names: Transsexualism, Inverse sexual identification

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