Description of salmonellosis

Salmonellosis is diarrhea of bacterial origin. It is caused bysalmonella bacteria that gets into the body through the mouth (from food, dishes, dirty hands ..).

Salmonella attack manifests intestinal problems. For a healthy individual is strong this illness usually dangerous. At risk may beelderly, sick or young children – harder to cope with fluid loss (diarrhea, vomiting ..)

In most cases, salmonella is not a serious disease, but it must be underestimate, because sometimes it can be very insidious, and become even lead to death. Salmonella is in fact a very dangerous ability, namely penetrate into deeper layers of the mucosa. Can get into the bloodstream and be would be carried throughout the body.


Risk factors for salmonella

For the emergence of a salmonella risk consumption of raw or inadequately cooked eggs (sunny side up, soft-boiled, to Hnilička), meats (salami, meatloaf, smoked).

Furthermore, the bacteria attached e.g. knives on which the meat was sliced, and if later this knife sliced foodstuff, which does not pass the heat treatment (např.zelenina salad) can Salmonella get into the body and in this way. Likewise, it may serve other dishes (board turner ..)

Risk period for disease salmonellosis are the summer months. First, due to increased decay of food in hot weather, partly due to the barbecue, where people are addicted to, especially in warm periods, and not least because of tourism, which is related to the tasting of other (often very risky) dishes and also with lower hygiene when preparing food (camps, campování ..).

Attachment of salmonella in the body also recorded states in which to eating has little acidic gastric juices – a chronic inflammation of the stomach (gastritis), condition after the removal of the stomach (gastrectomy), or taking antacids (funds for the neutralization of acidic gastric juices).


Preventing salmonellosis

Prevention of disease is a risk thorough cooking of food (meat, eggs). Salmonella survives frost (only inactive, after thawing is activated), kill it, however, temperatures above 70 ° C. It is therefore recommended that each part potentially contaminated food has been exposed to a temperature of 75 ° C for 5 minutes.

It is important that this process has undergone really a foodstuff – Salmonella often poorly transmitted ogrilovaným meat that is burned outside, but inside raw.

The transmission can sometimes serve messengers – usually flies or rodents. As the bacteria Salmonella present in the stools of the patient, is sufficient to fly sat on such excrement and then the food will not be heat treated ..

Ideal prevention is so little paranoid behavior and thinking over how another way the bacteria could transfer .. (eg. Flour for coating cuttings, as if he touches removing the finished steak from the pan raw, just inserted, you need to fork, which first stung into it, then of that ..?) ..


Signs and symptoms of salmonellosis

The incubation period (the time from penetration of bacteria into the body after the first symptoms) is more than 48 hours. But usually around the eighth

The disease is manifested by numerous watery diarrhea, abdominal pain and cramps, nausea(feeling sick), vomiting, fever ..

In your diarrhea may appear in the blood, pus, mucus ..

Given the considerable loss of fluids are emerging signs of dehydration (apathy, agitation, hallucinations, low blood pressure with their speeches, dry tongue, reduced skin tone – after creating a fold of skin, the skin straightens slowly .. for severe dehydration can lead to disorders of consciousness, convulsions, increased heart rate (tachycardia), even to unconsciousness).


treatment of salmonellosis

Importantly fluid replenishment for which losses occur due to vomiting, diarrhea and sweating.Ideal drinking mineral water (due to the content of ions, which are also of the body is lost), in more severe cases, the patient must be connected to the infusion fluid enriched with ions.

Drug therapy involves administration of intestinal desinficiencií (disinfect – relieve intestine germs), adsorbents (např.živočišné coal – binds bad substances), anti-emetics (anti-vomiting).

The third part of treatment is diet – initially limited to just drinks (sweet black tea) is added to the dry bread, greasy porridge, rice, steamed carrots, vegetable broth, bananas .. Totally inappropriate are bold and spicy foods.

Antibiotics are the treatment of salmonellosis usually do not give a (treatment would be to their use rather stretched), slow elimination of bacteria from the body.
It is recommended that consumption of probiotics (probiotic drinks, yogurt with live cultures ..) in order to restore the balance of intestinal microflora.


How can I help myself

To complement ions lost by vomiting, diarrhea, sweating can be prepared at home ion drink: Mix a teaspoon of salt, 5 teaspoons of sugar with the juice of one grapefruit and top up to a liter of water.


complications salmonellosis

The biggest complication of salmonellosis are usually the result of dehydration. Unless the lost fluids timely and adequately supplemented, can lead to kidney failure.

Another danger is the departure of salmonella bacteria in the blood of the body where they may establish metastatic foci anywhere, cause inflammation of bone, soft tissue abscess, meningitis or other dangerous complications.

Salmonella bacteria can hide in the gall bladder of an individual who becomes a permanent carrier of the disease.

Other names: Salmonella, salmonellosis

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