Description nasopharyngitis

Nasopharynx, a word found its origins in Latin, is the exact translation of the nasopharynx. Naso is responsible nose, pharynx and esophagus. The patients suffering from this disease – nasopharyngitis – will meet in the offices of pediatricians – paediatricians, general practitioners, specialists, ENT (otorhinolaryngology, in your ear, nose and throat), but also internal departments as an associated complication of other diseases. It is the most common and widespread viral disease at all.


Transfer nasopharyngitis and its creator

Upper respiratory tract and nasopharynx are particularly affected by the infection very often. Most of these infections are spread by droplet path, ie. coughing, sneezing, direct contact with an infected mucosal surfaces.

Etiological may be a viral or bacterial in origin, and viruses predominate. More than 200 different viruses can cause acute respiratory diseases and of these in particular representatives of the following genera: paramyxoviruses, picornaviruses, coronaviruses, adenoviruses and hepresviry.Viruses frequently cause epidemics, especially in winter and early spring (influenza, respiratory syncytial virus) and autumn (parainfluenza).

Of the bacteria Streptococcus is the most significant factor rarely pyogene with pneumococci,Haemophilus influenzae and Moxarella catarrhalis. Bacterial infections often climbs to the virus, the disease then takes much longer and more severe. With secondary bacterial infections encountered especially in very young individuals and people with poor nutritional status.


Risk factors for sinusitis

Acute forms of the disease are associated with the transmission by droplet infection, thus staying in the room, means of transport, close sternutative persons can be considered a risk factor.

To him treats undercapitalisation of the body, such as age, diet, as well as fatigue and overload.

Chronic forms arise from long-term effects of non-infectious factors and plays an important role distinct sensitivity of each individual. These factors are environmental factors: exposure to smoke, dust, heat, chemicals continue smoking, changing temperatures and breathing hot dry air (central heating effect).

The disease also often occurs in people who breathe open-mouthed.
Effect on sinusitis can also have a vitamin deficiency (vitamins deficiency disease), menopause and systemic diseases such as heart diseases, kidney, diabetes, allergies.


Progress and symptoms of sinusitis

This disease nasopharyngeal mucosa without involvement almonds. The course of sinusitis vary from mild to life-threatening depending on the causative agents, conditions for its multiplication and the general condition of the individual.

Non-bacterial sinusitis (hence virus) will appear reddened sneaked throat. Difficulty swallowing may be present, but not required. Fever accompanies the disease and is often higher in children than in adults. We are located swollen submandibular lymph nodes. Viral origin supports cough,conjunctivitis and rhinitis.

If you see blisters on the tonsils and soft palate, then we are talking about Herpangina. It enterovirového origin. In the event that minor blisters and pustules located in other locations of the oral cavity, it is a hepretickou infection.

Inflammation produces mucus or pus may be caused by viruses and bacteria. Infectious mononucleosis evidenced by the rise in temperature with swallowing difficulties. Appears redness and leakage throat and tonsils. Almonds form povláčky to larger contiguous coatings. They are very swollen and has sometimes even breathing difficulties. They also accompanied by nasal voice.On the soft palate so we find. Hölzelová signlinear red dots signifying delicate mucosal bleeding.

Sometimes they are soaked and eyelids. Not only the neck, but other lymph nodes are swollenand provide an objective finding even find an enlarged spleen and liver. The disease is sometimes accompanied by mild rash, red pimples throughout the body, particularly when they are improperly administered antibiotics from a number of ampicillin.

In chronic pharyngitis symptoms are diverse, in course of the disease can vary. Patients indicateforeign body sensation, mucus, dry mouth. General symptoms such as fever, malaise, schvácenost generally lack.


Investigations nasopharyngitis

When you visit the doctor’s questions fall to the duration of symptoms and temperature. Physical examination concerns Tongue and scans nasopharyngeal tonsil palpation and query soreness, taking the body temperature and the view of the conjunctiva. Often also performs a sampling swab on cultivation.


Treatment of sinusitis and how can I help myself

Treatment of acute forms of the disease is mostly symptomatic, ie. treats only the symptoms, not the cause of the disease. It is consistent with the treatment of rhinitis.

Measures include zapařující (Priessnitzovy) tiles, gargles, at a temperature-lowering drugs,bed rest, intake of hot fluids, stay warm, but not in dry air, sweat bark, when nasal obstruction usenose drops.

In case of bacterial infection, antibiotics are deployed, after culturing specifically, before the result of the smear rather empirically, that is proven by past experience doctor. Especially with sharply ongoing inflammation is a necessary microbiological examination, because the success of treatment depends on the targeted antibiotic administration acting on the actual originator.

When repeated inflammation of the pharynx is applied so. Immunomodulatory therapy.
During the long course of treatment is difficult and often only leads to a temporary alleviation. Is the elimination of all factors that have an impact on n disease, especially tobacco and hard liquor.

It positively affects breathing humidified air Vincentka and plenty of B vitamins. The appropriate change of environment, stays in the mountains and the sea. The preferred method is to moisten dry air in the overheated bedroom. Not recommended but gargle with chamomile, sage and menthol preparations, since drying the pharyngeal mucosa.

Other names: nasopharyngitis, nasopharyngitis, pharyngitis acuta, acute pharyngitis, acute sinusitis

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