Description myocarditis

It is an inflammatory disease of the heart muscle (myocardium), which most often caused by viruses. Speeches are very varied, from almost nepovšimnutelných to heavy, torrential, leading to death. It is interesting that this disease is one of the most difficult diagnostically recognizable diseases, mainly just because of the very diverse manifestations.

Very often they myocarditis in patients suffering from AIDS.
The other pathogens may apply a bacteria, mycoplasma, fungi(fungal infection), but also some parasites.

Some myocarditis may take up their consequences, such as dilated cardiomyopathy.
For this article, you should take particular that the flu is a lie !!!


Causes of myocarditis

Illness occurs so that the heart muscle begin to reproduceviruses. This causes obviously an immune response which the body tries to remove viruses from the body. This gives rise to inflammation in the heart, in which then, according to the extent of infiltration of the heart muscle in the heart arise bearings necrosis(tissue death), which damage its function. Bearings can be little and the countless, but also a large and multiple.

Myocarditis may also be complication of another disease. This is the case especially in infectious endocarditis, Lyme disease, and patients suffering from HIV / AIDS.


Risk factors myocarditis

The greatest risk factor is traversing viral diseases. The body is in case of attack able to cope with the most common viruses very well, but needs to find peace.

When fighting viruses is due to nonspecific immune marches damage to tissues in and around the multiplication of viruses. This obviously harms the body and therefore it is necessary to deal with viruses organism as quickly as possible without harming himself more than is needed for the destruction of the pathogen.

The fact that a person in case of virus infection remains active, does not allow the body to fully exploit energy stocks, which consumes their daily activities and then the virus has a much better ground for enrichment. It then follows that there is a protracted and dramatic waveforms, when the virus multiplies and inhabits more and more cells, travels in the blood and infects the place where he was.


prevention myocarditis

It is essential to peace. When a viral illness, lie down in bed, boil your (or someone Ask) tea, if you’re craving something read or television release, not worry about the surrounding issues and to give your body a wholly deployment in liquidation virus.

Definitely not recommended to run pronounced physical activity such as a sport. The period for which you should be mostly determined by the physician, if not for common viral infections it should be at least a week. For some people, it is unthinkable, of course, but also because you know that you should limit their activity to the minimum possible and acts on their disease and have to think about it constantly in mind.

In the event that would then be in your next speech common “flu” symptoms occurring type of chest pain, you need to put your feet bustle and immediately consult a doctor. Chest pain may naturally also have another cause, but even that can be serious and should be assessed by your doctor.


Signs and symptoms of myocarditis

In this disease is very difficult to discuss a wide range of symptoms, therefore, I will focus mainly on those where it could be more serious to severe disturbance of the heart, which could have tragic consequences.

Myocarditis generally begin nonspecific symptoms, when in the foreground, is a major disease that viruses cause. May be an influenza, respiratory infections …

Difficulties impact of increased fatigue, general weakness, increased temperature or fever.Often there are pains in muscles and joints.

Warning sign is when the above, add the following problems. The occurrence of these problems may also be a few days (or weeks) after past infection !!! In this case you should seek medical attention immediately !!!

First of all there are chest pain. They have the character of stinging or pain resembling anginozním pain (ie, the pain typical of angina pectoris, a harsh dull pain behind the breastbone, a feeling of pressure or heaviness in the chest). Chest pains can be but also a totally different character.

Further, there may be sensations palpitations (there is a high risk of arrhythmias). If the heart is weakened so much that the pump function impaired, arises dyspnea and edema. These are formed primarily in the ankle, but may be on the entire leg. In recumbent patients they are usually swelling, especially in the area of the cross. If there are massive swelling, they can affect the entire body.


treatment of myocarditis

The man with the aforementioned cardiac symptoms should be hospitalized. The fundamental importance of bed rest, which should take at least two weeks. This is compounded by drug therapy (drug treatment).

Administered antibiotics. In case the disease caused bacteria or mycoplasmas are then treatment causes for viruses are designed to prevent heart attacks attenuated viruses, bacteria annealing this damaged tissue.
Recently tested administered antivirals, which seems to be a very beneficial effect.

Other applications (for more severe forms), drugs to enhance cardiac drugs and those that are designed to facilitate the work of the heart. These include ACE inhibitors (captopril, Tritace), beta blockers (Bataloc, Egilok), vasodilators, digoxin, diuretics (furosemide).

In severely ongoing forms may be given corticosteroids to reduce inflammation. The period of convalescence is taking NSAIDs (Ibalgin, Aspirin). They should not be administered in the early stages of the disease, as they may have adverse effects on the heart muscle, while in later stages to demonstrate their usefulness in the treatment.

What you should definitely prepare for the absolute prohibition of alcohol during and for at least six months after remission of the disease. Furthermore, it should be restricted during this periodstronger physical exercise, sport. It is also recommended to limit salting and quit smoking. All these factors burden the heart, which should have plenty of time to rest and full recovery.

In case of complications with the incidence of arrhythmias is indicated for temporary pacing.


complications of myocarditis

Complications in case of myocarditis predominantly damage greater part of the heart that can manifest as acute heart failure, where the heart is inflamed so that it is not able to properly and fully carry out its pumping function.

Furthermore, risk of malignant arrhythmias, which can lead to death. These arise from incorrect creation and transmission of impulses in the heart caused by deposits in the muscle necrosis.

Complications include the risk of embolization (carried off, typically a blood clot), either in the lung or into the systemic arteries, usually on the basis of arrhythmias. Then risk of blockage of the blood vessels into which the embolus comes with subsequent blood supply (ischemia) sites that this blood vessel nourishes and death (necrosis).

It can also occur effusion of affected areas infarction, congestive that in the outer casing of the heart (pericardial effusion), and may itself be inflamed pericardium (pericarditis). Effusion of their amounts may then prevent a sufficient load on the heart blood by pushing it outside.

There are also so-called sudden death, which occurs mostly on the basis of arrhythmia and myocarditis that are involved, according to some experts, up to 15%.

For someone leaves myocarditis heart sustained severe consequences for another after another after healing does not leave any trace. It is therefore very difficult to predict prognosis.

Other Names: inflammation infarction, inflammation of the heart muscle specific cardiomyopathy, heart inflammation, myokarditidis, myocarditis

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