Irritable bowel syndrome

Irritable bowel syndrome

Description irritable bowel

This is an insidious disease that although it is not an organic disorder (that is, the body is not damaged, distorted), a man can make life difficult sometimes more than the essence of organic disease.

It is a relatively common disease, but in most cases is not expressed so strongly that a man forced to see a doctor. Lots of people additionally about problems associated with this disorderare afraid to talk.

These are called. Functional bowel disease (functional kolopatie) for typical repetitive compulsive (especially morning) stool that always occur especially if the person waits any unpleasant stressful situation. It does not cause problems, but often makes them worse.

Other typical symptoms are discomfort or pain to the abdomen in connection with defecation (passing stools) and frequent flatulence and feelings of incomplete emptying.

The term irritable bowel syndrome sometimes summarize, though incorrectly, all functional bowel motility disorders. In this context, therefore, you can meet yet other units which are the following.

Functional diarrhea. In this disorder predominate compulsive watery diarrhea, but which are not accompanied by pain.

Functional meteorism. Some people complain only more frequent feelings of bloating especially for them in unpleasant situations. Sometimes the larger gas formation in the intestine does not prove, although of course it may be.

Functional constipation. These people have the opposite problem than people with irritable colon, which is dominated by constipation, especially accompanied by pain in the lower abdomen, which are accompanied by feelings of bloating. Sometimes the pain goes away after defecation, when the content of the intestine mucous.

However, it’s not a serious disease that could threaten humans or it could cause health problems and complications.
Diseases also unrelated to colon cancer.


Causes of Irritable Bowel Syndrome

It happens, that in some people colon increasingly responds to internal and external stimuli, which primarily mediates the nervous system. For some individuals, increases excitability prevalentintestinal infection, others will come to the cause.

There is probably no single authority, which does not exhibit the psychological state of the individual. When stress occurs leaching of substances involved in the control organs, including the colon. Under normal circumstances, but this influence is not strong enough to make him one felt or if he is able to suppress or would not attach significance.

But this is not the case for people diagnosed with irritable bowel syndrome who respond to these effects excessive. For them, excessive reactivity of gut motility disorders occur (bowel movement).This is manifested frequent urge to stool, which gradually turns into soft to watery.

Very often suffer from diseases, people who manage stressful situations worse than their surroundings, are emotionally labile, often they are neurotic.

For all of these symptoms it is to be added that may be a manifestation of other, sometimes severe organic disease to which question must be examined before establishing a diagnosis of irritable bowel syndrome.

Recently considered as a possible cause of a higher number of nerve fibers in the colon people with this disease, as well as the possible effect of hormonal (often women suffering from this disease complain of difficulties deterioration during menstruation).


Risk factors for irritable bowel

It has already been mentioned above intestinal infection that can increase the sensitivity of colon external and internal factors. They may play a role genetic or hereditary factors.

For others it’s a hectic lifestyle and taking frequent feelings of stress and conflict situations, poor diet.


Prevention of irritable bowel

To prevent belongs mainly to avoid the risk factors. So follow a healthy lifestyle, regular rest, plan ahead and plans to hold on to fulfill their issues in a timely manner.

Avoid unnecessary stress and think about whether everything that bothers us is stressful and really has such importance that we attach.

Some of the methods mentioned in the treatment of prevention may also be, if it starts to be applied when symptoms are still insignificant or infrequent.


Signs and symptoms of irritable bowel syndrome

This mainly concerns compulsive and repeated morning defecation, when stool gradually changes from normal to thin to watery. These conditions is called morning debacles.

In stressful situations, then manifested sometimes shorter, sometimes longer and more intensecompulsive feelings on defecation, which will either be overcome or require locate toilets. It may also happen that the whole situation is resolved by simply visiting the toilet without defecation where the problems absolutely pass.

Normally, people suffering from this disease abdominal fullness, feeling inadequate emptying,feel bloated, their rumbling in the belly.

Stools alternate with normal watery, sometimes it can be increased flatulence (intestinal gas leak).For some individuals, it is pain throughout the colon but most often in the lower left abdomen.

There is yet another form of the difficulties, which is called the postprandial diarrhea. When it appears, sometimes in a very short time after a meal, pain and cramps in the abdomen, accompanied by bloating and loose stools quickly followed. That usually brings relief, but it can be repeated.

The issues associated extraintestinal is in this disease very significant component of the production of certain relatively regular habits. Those concerned with trying to prevent exposure to itself a situation where it had to move fast to the toilet and his need to bounce would be impossible or would cause delays. A couple of examples …

I suffer from a condition called irritable bowel syndrome. I have thoroughly mapped all the public toilets on the road, after which they must regularly (on the way to school, to work, to your favorite restaurant), in the event that I had to bounce the way somewhere. At unknown locations often suffer from anxiety, which disappears when you can get information about the nearest toilet and its availability. At the place where this option is not, I just go very reluctantly or not at all if you do not have to strictly. In the cinema or theater I buy tickets for the county line, I had the opportunity, if necessary, run away as fast as possible. In addition, I was nervous the whole time of it, I might disturb others with getting up and possibly (not one, but perhaps even more) going to the toilet.Others would then be clear where I was, which I would have been embarrassing. And I’m obviously stressful. Also, I do not eat much. Over the weekend, yes, I do also like to add that I know that I can be at home all weekend and not have to go anywhere. If waiting for me any way, especially longer, better I eat until after the race, and somewhere in the vicinity of the toilet. Recently, I began to skip long trips altogether, certainly those where I had to use public transport. Although today some buses and most trains have toilets, there are people around …
By car, it is usually no problem, at least if you can not get to the inhabited parts of roads. Then sometimes I faced with a very unpleasant sensations, accompanied by panic and desperately seeking the nearest gas station. Thank God for them.

In the later stages the question may create an unpleasant situation just from leaving the house or going to work / school, because that may fix the discomfort of the urge to stool during the journey, and then there is a concern that this will happen. So then the journey itself becomes a stressor that aggravates compulsion morning.

If this description of someone he comically, then try this at least to some extent imagined. You will find that for a man so suffering is nothing amusing as it is cut off from normal activities and is very socially handicapped.

This disease can be spontaneously adjusted, but also during the lifetime deteriorate.

The psychological aspect of this disease is very important because it can lead to deepening these patterns and disease if she had a man suffering from at the beginning, adds neurosis (to include the above deepening problems in society). I would therefore like to recommend to all, if you have such problems that last a long time, do not hesitate to see a doctor. The sooner you do, the sooner you will be better and plnohodnotněji live.

Finally, it should be said that the symptoms of irritable bowel NOT BELONG rectal bleeding nor the presence of blood in stool. In such cases it is necessary SOONEST call the doctor and tell him TOTO. If these problems occur newly aged 50 years or are accompanied by prolonged elevated temperature, weight loss, increased fatigue, these are warning signs where you should be properly evaluated for other possible causes of intestinal disorders.


Treatment of Irritable Bowel Syndrome

After excluding organic causes, which is sometimes very difficult and can be a bit annoying (but it is a necessity which is intended to eliminate a serious threat to your health) started treatment of functional disorders.

Your doctor after diagnosis equip tranquillizers intestines, medication against diarrhea and can recommend a visit to a psychologist or psychiatrist. For someone may affect visit these specialists rather uncomfortable, because after all is not crazy. That also does not really. Therefore, there is nothing to worry about, these doctors have problems with this kind of experience and have experience in the optimal choice for you the best solution. Certainly it can also reassure you that similar problems are estimated to suffer to a certain extent third to half of the population. These professionals are designed to help you get rid of excess stress and teach you how to relax and look at the problems in perspective.

Since doctors can get drugs that will temporarily get rid of excess stress, alleviate your stress and help you bridge the interim period until you psychologist / psychiatrist to cope with problems, worsening your condition. After termination of therapy may disappear altogether.

Self-help can also be very beneficial, but should not replace a doctor’s visit. Always in fact may be a sign of another, sometimes serious illness.
If you know that you are often stressed out and overwhelmed him completely optimally, it is appropriate to consider whether the land is not needed at times. If you so choose, you can try the following.

Exercise regularly and observe proper diet. Regular exercise relaxes the nervous system substances called endorphins, which create a sense of peace and joy. This includes yoga.

Autogenous training. It is a relaxing exercise in which consciously influencing some of its functions. Its task is to teach you how to relax and control his body.

Very pleasant is occasionally enjoy a full body massage, where you can switch off and relax and it’s still very nice addition.

Additionally you can consider visiting a psychologist, with whom you can talk their problems and get advice on how to build problems that can not handle so that you are not burdensome. Though it may seem strange to many different people suffer from basically the same problems and therefore may have psychotherapy considerable success, since it is based on the experience of many people.

Finally, I should mention another hypnosis. This can be very effective, especially when other methods do not work. In the hands of an expert is not a mystical or anything dangerous. Hypnosis is based on the suggestions when you hypnotist in polobdělém state poopraví erroneous perception of the problems that are bothering you. Hypnosis is not to suggest anything that you would normally not do. Anyway, it’s good to find a specialist who has experience with hypnosis and is it good references that such treatment was not wasted.


Complications irritable bowel

The disease itself is not a complication, but it can complicate life considerably. People are losing social contacts, are late to work / school, society often nevypravují.

It is so annoying that it is good to seek help as soon as possible and begin to solve the problem of the moment is not yet created pathological circuits.

Furthermore, if the patient suffers from diarrhea postprandial endeavoring to be avoided at risk (after a certain time when a little or not at all) malnutrition.
When people often long and sit on the toilet, these sessions can lead to the formation of hemorrhoids.

The only real complication can not recognize any other disease that is behind these problems is hiding. Some of these symptoms may be indicative of very serious diseases, such as e.g., colorectal cancer, Crohn’s disease, ulcerative colitis, but also diseases parenteral, e.g. gynecological or urinary tract diseases, the timely recognized, may lead to serious complications and more difficult treatability.

Other names: irritabile colon, intestinal neurosis, irritable bowel, lower functional dyspepsia

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