Inflammation of the urinary tract

Inflammation of the urinary tract

Description of the urinary tract

At least once in your life every woman goes through urinary tract infections. It is a disease which is most frequently (up to 80%) caused by Escherichia coli, a bacterium which normally lives in our digestive tract. It is beneficial to humans and, indeed, necessary bacteria that cares about it to us in the gut nepřemnožily our health dangerous bacteria.

If but gets into our urinary system, causing problems. The bacteria to reach the bladder against urine flow through the urethra. If you do not drink enough fluids and bladder is not sufficiently purged, the bacteria settle here and multiply. In case it is left untreated, the infection can penetrate up to the kidneys and cause severe kidney infection.


Risk factors for urinary tract

The most common way in which the bacteria gets into our urinary system, rectum through the perineum to the urethra, and even if we follow strict hygiene practices.

Women are more prone to diseases of urinary tract infections because the rectum and urethra they are very close togetherand the bacteria have to overcome little distance to get into the urinary tract.

Men suffering from urinary tract infections less, not only because they have an anus and the urethra farther apart than women, but also because they have the urethra longer than women and bacteria therefore mostly nestihnout doputovat urethra to the bladder, where they could proliferate and cause an infection.

Apart from the lack of hygiene causes inflammation of the urinary tract also, for example, retention of urination, inadequate fluid intake, weak muscles after childbirth, during pregnancy or menopause.

The risk of urinary tract infection also increases in risky sexual behavior. Unprotected sexual intercourse alternation of sexual partners, lack of hygiene during sex or anal sex can lead to inflammation of the urinary tract.

The risk of urinary tract is also higher in people with diabetes. The reason is prostý- their urine contains a greater amount of sugar than the normal people and the freshwater environment is beneficial bacteria, which gives more chances for survival and can also reproduce more.

Another risk represent a congenital defect of the urinary tract. People who suffer from a disease which is manifested backflow into the urinary tract, often suffer from urinary tract infections. To avoid this problem, in many cases you need to perform an operation on a specialized urology department.

Urinary tract infections are also more common in people who were in the hospital introduced the so-called permanent urinary catheter. When introduced at least one week, the patient gained almost UTI because the bacteria have during this time to get through the catheter into the urethra and begin to multiply there.


Preventing urinary tract

Urinary tract infections can be prevented adequate sanitation. It is important after using the toilet, always wipe backwards, women should during menstruation often and replaced regularly tampons and pads, also regularly change the towels before and after intercourse can rebound to a small (urine of healthy humans is in fact sterile).

It is also important to drink plenty of fluids and regularly empty the bladder – not to hold it in the urine for too long, we did not give a chance to unnecessarily bacteria multiply in the bladder.

As an additional precaution against urinary tract is also active substances contained in cranberries,it is therefore a good idea from time to time to drink cranberry juice, dried cranberries or eat more foods containing cranberries.

It is very important to make sure that we neprochladli “bottom”. Nesedáme therefore to colder surfaces and we make sure we have the body warm. Dangerous it is to walk with bare back or abdomen. This is subsiding body and gives bacteria a better chance to multiply.


Signs and symptoms of urinary tract

The first symptoms of urinary tract pain in the lower abdomen. Also, the need for frequent urination but with the production of only small amounts of urine. Furthermore, during urination we can feel an unpleasant tingling and burning pain in particular, therefore, at the end of urination.Urine may have a slightly reddish color, which is due to the content of blood in the urine that gets there because of irritated mucous membrane of the urinary tract. Furthermore, it may appear slightly elevated temperature.

At a more advanced stage of urinary tract infection occurs higher body temperature, chills, red colored urine with a greater proportion of blood, vaginal discharge and back pain in the lumbar area. This usually means that the infection of the bladder spread farther and hit probably kidneys.This is a condition that requires immediate medical attention because it seriously threatens our kidneys and thereby our health.


Treatment of urinary tract

If you feel pain when urinating or even your urine red, do not hesitate to visit your doctorimmediately. After sampling, the doctor can do the analysis, according to which detects whether they are in the bacteria that cause urinary tract infections, how much and what it is and based on that will prescribe antibiotics.

It will take about 5 days as prescribed. It is very important to draw the whole package, so you come back again infection. If you have pain in the back and lumbar spine, the doctor will need to assess the function of the kidneys. This is possible on the basis of blood collection and its analysis and ultrasound kidney, urethra and bladder. An ultrasound doctor will evaluate the shape and size of the organs of the urinary tract.

During the time when you take antibiotics, it is important to be calm, avoid physical activity and sunlight. It is advisable to drink plenty of fluids, especially pure still water or urological tea, which must be always prepared fresh.

As an adjunct therapy is a good use of cranberry pills, which contain highly concentrated amounts of active ingredients in cranberries and are available in any pharmacy, or dried cranberries, which are said to have a very beneficial effect on the urinary tract. It is advisable to eat as well as prevention against repeated urinary tract.


How can I help myself

In treating urinary tract infections, it is important to ensure regular use of antibiotics prescribed by the physician. It is also necessary to keep a regular drinking mode, which is especially important during the summer. Also, it is important to be calm and warm. We should be especially careful that the area of the abdomen and the back in the kidney area warm.

In any case, you should not prescribe antibiotics alone. It can make a doctor based on the analysis of urine. What is important is the type, dose and duration of administration of an antibiotic that a layman can judge for yourself. Without a doctor’s visit would our state of health can only worsen.


Complications of urinary tract

If inflammation of the urinary kidney underestimate, we not visit a doctor in time or do not follow proper treatment can cause serious complications. Without proper treatment with antibiotics to stop the proliferation of bacteria, naopak- proliferate further and Next- and begin to spread from the bladder up to the kidneys, where it causes inflammation of the renal pelvis .

Inflammation of the kidney is very dangerous for children, the elderly and pregnant women, because they have a big enough risk of kidney failure . Inflammation of the urinary tract as they can cause permanent ochabení and impaired renal function.

Even people with diabetes a vulnerable group people- their kidneys are already affected by diabetes itself, and if they fall ill and urinary tract infections (which is quite likely in diabetic patients because of increased sugar content in the urine, which enhances multiplication of bacteria in the bladder) are their kidneys jeopardized two different diseases, which very negatively affects its function. Kidneys are vital organs and if you do not work as they should, our lives are seriously at risk. It is therefore necessary for pain in the lumbar spine and at temperatures see your doctor immediately.

Another great risk associated with urinary tract infections in women at risk, which is inflammation often returns and do not pay this problem much attention. They run the great risk of infertility.

Other names: urinary tract infection, inflammation of the urethra, bladder infection, cystitis, cystitis

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