Inflammation of the ear canal

Inflammation of the ear canal

Description otitis

Inflammation of the ear canal is painful ear disease.

For clarification, a little basic anatomy of the ear, outer ear(pinna) goes into the “hole”, which is called the outer ear canal.External auditory canal leads to the eardrum – counter formed membrane. Behind him begins another area – the middle ear. It is up to the site of inflammation – if located outside the eardrum, it is an inflammation of the external auditory canal.
For inflammation behind the eardrum (closer to the brain) are talking about middle ear infections.

Inflammation of the ear canal results from the infection of his skin. The infection may be viral, bacterial or fungal.

Often the cause of disease clogging sebum canal (due to improper cleaning, see prevention) subsequent to establishment of infection.


Risk factors for otitis

Risk factors for inflammation of the external ear canal is wet or dusty environments, bathing indirty water (water can penetrate into the ear and nevytéct), the application of various cosmetic products (such as stick in your ear smeared face cream .. to better clean the ear), intrusion any buildup in the ear canal (eg. a grain of sand on the beach) ..


Prevention of otitis

Main prevention of otitis is proper cleaning. Canal is because the sebaceous glands produced wax, which protects the ear and removes impurities from it – if it is not disturbed by its self-cleaning ability.

Without sanitation interventions rods can move the ear wax in the outer ear canal toward the ear.Properly, therefore, people should not clean the ears, only occasionally tolerate them fall out of the ear piece sebum. Which is pretty outrageous idea!

It is therefore appropriate to compromise between how nature has equipped us and set us aesthetics. Namely, the ear clean only shallow. Nešťourat stick to the eardrum. It is advisable to use a nasal spray that softens earwax or ear plugs to heat the wax softens and moistens the sap sebum.


Signs and symptoms of otitis

Inflammation of the ear canal is reflected persistent earache. Ear is sensitive to touch.

There are so frequent fevers, as otitis media (from which it sometimes recognizes only the doctor).

The patient feels zalehlého ear, the ear can drain secretions varied in appearance. Due to inflammation may spill nodes in the area – is reflected by feeling small lumps especially behind the ear.


Treatment of otitis

Treatment of the disease is to first clean the ear canal (the doctor uses a special scraper for irrigation uses relatively strong stream of water). After cleaning prescribe drops that reduce swelling of the ear, which helps improve aeration duct – it helps to heal inflammation.

If the physician deems it appropriate (if suspected bacterial infection, prescribe antibiotic drops or systemic antibiotics).

Sometimes the cause of inflammation mold. This cause is usually considered only after patients do not take antibiotics. Then followed the prescription antifungals (funds mildew).

Inconveniences treatment otitis is its duration. It may take up to a week before an unwinding difficulties (unlike otitis media where there is substantial relief during puncture the eardrum).


How can I help myself

When inflammation of the middle ear, the patient can apply a cold compress on the ear, or take apainkiller (ibuprofen..).

Such an “old wives” to this day in some families used, method of treatment is the insertion of garlic into the ear canal. Otolaryngologists but she recommended (risk of etching canal, difficulty in removing the clove ..).


Complications of otitis

Treatment of inflammation of the ear canal is generally carried out without complications.

Other names: otitis externa, inflammation of the external ear, inflammation of the external ear canal, otitis

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