Description furuncle

As furuncle and carbuncle, and skin abscess belongs to a group of diseases, which are collectively called pyoderma. Pyoderma are purulent infections of the skin or too glands, which are found in the skin (eg. The hair, the hair) follicle, sweat glands, sebaceous glands). Infections are caused by microbes – and most staphylococci (Staphylococcus Latin) or, less often, streptococci (Streptococcus Latin).

The bacteria on human skin normally occur. Because human skin when it is healthy, is a very good protection – barrier, these microbes do not threaten us basically. If they succeed but despite this natural barrier to get, then they can cause an infection that must be reflected as a purulent pustule or, in the worst case, can cause illness and total body. It is therefore not advisable even such a seemingly trivial disease to ignore.

Cutaneous abscess – abscess generally inflammation resulting cavity is filled with pus – yellowish mass, which is formed by white blood cells and bacteria. Abscesses which are formed in the skin is called the skin. Disclosure of skin abscess formation is a foreign microbe penetration into the skin and subcutaneous tissue. Skin abscesses may occur anywhere on the body, but if it is caused by an infection of the hair follicle and sebaceous glands, then it is possibly furuncle carbuncle.

Risk factors Furuncle

Furuncle forms when there is a disturbance of the natural barrier of the body – the skin. Each scratch could thus lead to the formation of boils, but fortunately, the vast majority of cases this is not so, because in addition to the natural skin barrier is another very vital role in our immune system.

For both, it follows that the formation of furuncles and infections in general are threatened by people who had both a reduced quality of the skin, usually because of other cutaneous diseases or lack of hygiene, as well as those who suffer from some disease that reduces the natural defenses of the human body such as diabetes, malnutrition, cancer, medicines that reduce immunity, usually corticosteroids.

prevention furuncle

To avoid the formation of these skin abscesses, it is essential to observe basic hygiene – wash regularly, wear clean clothing that is too loose and does not irritate the skin and hurts.

When skin wounds always adequately disinfect wounds.

It is also good to ensure the well-being of the organism, receive sufficient vitamins and minerals.

If you suffer from any chronic disease (diabetes, …), make sure your doctor’s advice and properly follow treatment.

symptoms furuncle

Furuncle frequently arises so that the microbe penetrates into the hair (chlupového) follicle (professionally follicle) or sebaceous glands, their presence here causes the inflammation that begins to manifest, so that the skin around the hair shaft (hair) creates a small, red knot, which usually hurts. The touch the affected area warm.

Gradually, as the inflammation spreads to nearby glands or hair follicle, in the heart of the originally solid red knot begins to form pus. On the skin, this can be observed as a whitening respectively.yellowing of the contents of the bundle.

Enlarging the knot is due next pus, which is gradually coming to the surface of the skin. Makes a purulent cap that bursts, so that the pus can drain freely.

Sometimes it happens that Furuncle gradually subside without caving pus.

Boils may develop anywhere on the skin, but is often found on the buttocks, thighs, armpits and neck.

The multiple incidence furuncles the body – called. Furunculosis – can occur if the weakened immune system of the individual and the bacteria are easier penetration into the body. This may happen, for example, diabetes or other chronic diseases, which results in immunosuppression.

If the neighborhood boils further inflamed glands, such boils may merge into one big painful knot –carbuncle. Carbuncles occur mainly on the neck.

treatment furuncle

If Furuncle after a week of treatment does not lose yourself, it is painful, or increases and annoys you in everyday activities, it is necessary to seek medical attention.

A further possibility dermatologist or surgeon, but both approach the same treatment. The medicine has long been a true Latin rule “Ubi pus, ibi evacuo”, which means “Where is pus, there unleash him.”

After disinfection and local anesthesia, your doctor will boil under sterile conditions incised and drained pus and out.

Following a thorough disinfection, even in depth boils, because it is necessary to remove all purulent tissue to the wound completely healed. After the wound drain and accompanied her sterile covers. You get recommendations neodstaňovat dressing themselves and avoid washing the wound on her own.

Also, you get prescribed antibiotics, which consistently enjoy! Bacteria namely after such surgery can get into the blood circulation and cause systemic infection!

In the next few days you will walk on the wound dressing changes, which will continue to rigorously wash and disinfect.

After your doctor allows, ensure strict hygiene wounds, wash, disinfect and sterile it take cover until it is fully healed.

How to help treat boils

Furuncle you can treat yourself so that you will help him caving, thus releasing the pus from the ulcer. That does not mean that it in any way by hitting or otherwise forcibly pierce! Allow it to crack or subside spontaneously. This is very helpful stoking a warm compress, which accelerates the formation of purulent cap.

Soak a clean cloth in a bowl of warm water, wring out thoroughly and attach to the affected area.It is not advisable to compress cool, because it repeatedly soak that was still warm. Let it act for about ½ hour, repeat 4 times a day.

Once a pustule bursts, include a clean gauze. Instead of a regular wash, dezifinkujte and take cover whenever a new clean gauze until the skin heal.

Purulent content Furuncle is infectious, because among other things, contains microbes careful not to come into contact with the laundry, if that happens, wash it at Cottons.

If you area extensively hurts, take painkillers, which will help the pain.

complications furuncle

If you often return boils, you need further specialized tests which allow to reveal the reason why this happens. Certainly, it is necessary to undergo proper internal investigation, as well as immunological tests.

Bacteria that cause furuncle may enter the bloodstream and cause infection which is reflected by elevated temperature and enlargement of the lymph nodes, generally near the furuncle.

If this happens, immediately seek medical help! Must immediately begin antibiotic therapy.

Once the bacteria enter the bloodstream, are drifting over the body and can infect virtually every organ (where they form similar abscesses as the skin) and cause very serious illness – endocarditis (inflammation of the inner membrane of cardiac), osteomyelitis (bone inflammation), arthritis ( joint inflammation), empyema (body cavity filled with pus – frequently pleural cavity).

Other names: carbuncle, purulent inflammation of the skin bounded on the skin boil, boil, hornet, furunculus, furunculosis

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