Description of endometriosis

Endometriosis is among the most common gynecological diseases.Particles of the uterine lining (endometrium) appear outside the uterine cavity, wherein in the normal case have nothing to do.

They appear not only in the ovaries, fallopian tubes, bladder, intestine, but rarely in distant parts of the body such as the lungs or brain. They never occur in the heart and spleen.

These particles endometrium not respond to hormonal changesduring the menstrual cycle, just as they were in the uterine cavity.During each menstrual bleeding so. Portion of endometrium are very small, and therefore no major bleeds. Problems, however, gradually increasing, because around bearings produce cysts andscars which may lead to adhesions.

Unfortunately, endometriosis can for 30-50% of infertility problems.


Cause and risk of endometriosis

Endometriosis does not belong to the group of lifestyle diseases, as has already been described in the mid-19th century. Although it is known that long, not current medicine can certainly describe the causes. There are several opinions, as might arise.

Among the oldest and most recognized among so-called theory. Theory of implantation. It is based on the fact that during menstruation the uterine lining of the uterine cavity flush out the vagina. Particles endometrium during menstruation are washed away into the abdominal cavity. Can arise their implantation or implantation, and then there comes to the same process as the hormonal endometrium.

The very origin of endometriosis is caused by several factors. These include genetic, hormonal(blamed primarily hormone estrogen) and immunological factors.


Signs and symptoms of endometriosis

Symptoms depend on the location of the finding on its size and stage.

The most typical symptom that leads the patient to the doctor’s long-term pain. Pain peritoneum at an early stage is caused by enzymes which act on the nerve endings. If he is called. White endometriosis pain comes from oppression scars and adhesions. The pain often worsen during menstruation.
If the bearings are scattered in the vagina or in the cervix, the woman tends to have pain during intercourse. In case of location of the bearings in the bladder, blood is usually urine.

There is a direct link between women’s infertility and endometriosis. The most common cause of infertility are adhesions in a small saucepan. These adhesions can enter into the oviduct and thus prevent the displacement of the egg to the uterus. They may also prevent the release of an egg from the ovary and fallopian tubes movements.

In many cases, endometriosis appears during laparoscopic examination of infertile women. It may figure out that endometriosis its location does not affect fertility and infertility for one, other mechanisms such as immune system or hormones.

Overall, it is alleged that endometriosis has 50% of infertile women infertile women with endometriosis is also about 50%.


examination of endometriosis

Your doctor will first discuss your problems and when you suspected endometriosis sends you to a specialist department. To confirm the disease is in fact necessary operational tests, the most commonly used laparoscopy.

Laparoscopy can view all the organs in the abdomen and pelvis. The patient is given general anesthesia and to it is made a small incision in the umbilical hole, which is inserted an optical device laparoscope. It is equipped Cameras and light for clear viewing bodies.

The biggest advantage of laparoscopy is that it can perform surgical procedures without opening the abdomen. Therefore scar remains small, the patient is able to go back to work again and the time of hospitalization is minimal.

Alone gynecologist can perform tests called hysteroscopy. To properly examine the cervix and inside the cavity and can detect unusual bearings. After disinfection of the vagina and cervix is first introduced in the mirror. It is then inserted a thin optical instrument Hysteroscopes with saline to improve visibility.

The advantage is hysteroscopy day hospitalization with minimal complications. The patient does not suffer almost no pain.

If you will be proven endometriosis, your doctor most likely will determine the type of your disease.So what can be heard:

In the event that a peritoneal endometriosis, the particles will reside endometrium to the peritoneum. This type is most perceptible, because the peritoneum occur eye visible spots. Stains changes color according to its stages – first the red, then blue and finally white.

For ovarian endometriosis with bearings present at the surface of the ovaries. Bearings can nest within the ovary and cause large cysts called the endometrium.

Endometriosis rectovaginal endometriosis is found in the bulkhead between the rectum and vagina. Typical solid nodules that cause large and long lasting pain.

Adenomyosis is characterized rozesetím bearings inside the uterine muscle. Typical symptoms include painful periods, increased bleeding during menstruation and pain during intercourse. Often accompanied by peritoneal endometriosis or uterine fibroids.


treatment of endometriosis

Appropriate treatment is recommended by a doctor after proper assessment of your condition and stage of disease. It is used surgical treatment in combination with hormonal therapy. Physicians most often first endometriosis surgically removed and then put hormonal treatment to endometriosis further propagation.

The basis of treatment is a surgical operation performed mainly by laparoscopy (the same method as the investigating endometriosis). Doctors are trying laser to remove as much as possible and split bearings caused by adhesions. Success of the operation depends on the application and size of the bearings.

In large or unfavorably positioned bearings requires surgery using a cut on his belly. In these cases it is recommended, but when the woman desire for another child, ovaries removed due to suspension of the menstrual cycle and thus eliminate the symptoms of endometriosis.

Hormone therapy can be very successful, reaching 80-90% success rate. The problem is that up to 50% of patients in the year after cessation of treatment repeated problems. Hormonal therapy achieves minimal success especially with rectovaginal endometriosis.

These drugs are administered subcutaneously or intramuscularly. Given drugs inhibits the hormones pituitary hormone control center. Locking the pituitary then prevents leaching of the female hormones estrogen and endometrium is not changed regularly. The level of estrogen is very low (as in menopause or transition) and this causes problems such as temporary loss of menstruation, bone loss, depression, mood swings, migraines, sleep disturbances and hot flashes.Adverse symptoms within six months after discontinuation of disappearing.

The hormonal treatment is sometimes used hormonal contraceptives. This reduces the hormonal stimuli foci of endometriosis and reduces pain.

In some cases, they serve antidepressants because depression affects approximately 50% of patients of patients. At the same time solves sleep problems.

Sometimes the doctor may advise a very effective treatment to break the cycle and the most natural way – becoming pregnant. It goes without saying that if infertility caused by endometriosis, this advice is not very effective. However, if you become pregnant will, in most cases leads to a reduction of endometriosis deposits and minimize the risk that you will not have much child.

Remember that if you are diagnosed with endometriosis, it does not automatically infertility. There are many patients who have trouble conceiving, and its many descendants. Therefore, do not panic, good psychological well-being is one of the most important medicines.

Infertility patient is always solved individually, and offers several ways to treat this problem.Besides the aforementioned surgery and hormonal therapy is used assisted reproductive techniques. These are the methods, which leads to manipulate the stem cells such as sperm and egg for the purpose of pregnancy.


prevention of endometriosis

Certainly underestimate the long-term pain in the abdomen and lower abdomen and go to consult your gynecologist.

Many doctors for problems of women such as infertility or long-term pain in the lower abdomen on the possibility of endometriosis forgotten. Therefore, it is pertinent to ask whether it would not be just her what’s causing your problems.


How can I help myself

Try alfalfa, which helps good coagulation and rapid healing due to vitamin K and iron.

Vitamin E helps to eliminate excess estrogen and thereby counteracts adhesions. Dosage is recommended to consult an expert, since they belong to the group of vitamins, water-insoluble and slightly can result in overdose.

It is advisable to avoid foods which increase the production of estrogen, such as soy, wheat, or citrus.


Similar symptoms of endometriosis may have

Inflammation of the ovaries is very often diagnozován doctors and patients receiving antibiotics unnecessarily.


complications of endometriosis


Other names: endometriosis, endometriosis

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