Description of dandruff

Dandruff is dead skin flakes (which are renewed upper layer all over the body), which is, however, for some reason more than normal.

This is not a serious illness. Often due to finding the causes manage to find some other, more serious problem organism.Dandruff is unpleasant for the patient from an aesthetic standpoint. A man who shoulders dotted with white scales, raises some people feel filthy objects that cares about himself, it often feels resentment, mistrust ..

Today, however, there are many cosmetic products that can help solve this problem. But before we proceed to the removal of dandruff, it is advisable to try to find the cause.


Risk factors for dandruff

Risk for dandruff can be aggressive use of hair treatments, poor rinsing products from hair, too frequent washing.

In the winter, often form dandruff because the scalp is exposed to sudden temperature changes (outdoor frost X overheated room).

Dandruff they may also indicate a lack of any mineral or vitamin (vitamin B, selenium, zinc ..)

The cause of dandruff may also be a fungal disease or other general skin diseases (psoriasis, seborrheic dermatitis ..)

Dandruff can also result in psychological discomfort an individual (stress ..) or signs of impaired immunity.


Preventing dandruff

Dandruff can be prevented by using fine, tolerated the scalp, hair care products. In the event of frequent washing hair use shampoos designed for this purpose.

When washing your hair need not acquire the impression that “if buffing” dandruff from your skin, it no longer appears. It’s the same with greasy head skin, hair that passes, you then become greasy – drastic “vyšamponování” grease can lead to the fact that the hair will be absolutely free of grease moment .. but the scalp is irritated and so will tend to be more more lard. Thus, for oily hair is true – feel free to wash every day, but shampoo designed for everyday wash – that is fine. A fine should also be washing themselves.

In the winter helps to wear hats – although there faster greasing hair, dandruff, however, the risk of falling.

An important prevention (and many other diseases) is a healthy diet rich in vitamins and minerals (high intake of fruit and vegetables) and strengthening body immunity (Echinacea drops of grapefruit seed extract, enzyme preparations).


Signs and symptoms of dandruff

A person suffering from dandruff symptoms of the disease difficult to hide, because the skin flakes are evident in the three places simultaneously.

First, it is the scalp. It is additionally problematic – either dried or are too greasy. On the scalp there are spots with peeling flakes. Spots are often reddened, which contributes to their expressiveness. Scalp usually itchy, leading to scratching, scratching and engraving skin brushing.These procedures, however, the state of the scalp even more aggravate and contribute to increased dandruff.

There are also noticeable dandruff in the hair. Anywhere along their length with a magnifying glass they can hold. It is not just aesthetic, to have her hair snowy patches of dead skin ..

Third place dandruff are the shoulders – especially on dark clothing tend to be seen from the head of the fallen flakes. Sometimes the neighborhood watch as dandruff suffers from a patient’s head.


dandruff treatment

The first step in the emergence of dandruff is the purchase of a special anti-dandruff shampoo(at the drugstore can find many such).

It is useful to think about the possible causes of dandruff and try to reduce (if we are stressed, try to enjoy more relaxation, strengthen immunity, to include more fruits and vegetables into your diet, drink a lot, try taking food supplements containing substances whose absence can lead to dandruff – particularly in connection with problems with hair and skin hovořívá of vitamin B, the elements of selenium and zinc ..).

If they do not take for dandruff shampoo from a drugstore and wants If you still Cutaneous, it’s time to visit the pharmacy – counter dispensing without a prescription – and let me recommend some other means against dandruff. If after a careful use of that product scalp condition does not improve, it is time to visit a dermatologist.
The other hand may reveal severe skin disease whose symptoms can be dandruff and also has the option to prescribe effective product for our specific situation, which would hopefully have a hard time.


How can I help myself

Upon the appearance of dandruff can first try to counter anti-dandruff.
Babski council is applying lemon juice or birch water on the scalp. In cases of suspected fungal cause can be applied eg. An extract from grape seeds or space combat Tee Tree Oil.

It also needs to resist scratching at itching of the skin of the head, because the skin is more irritating scratching and dandruff will only increase. Appropriate massage heads – here performed gently with your fingertips. Thorough massage performed especially for oily hair – before washing the head. The massage stimulates the sebaceous glands, which then releases its contents.

To increase the vitamin B in the body is the appropriate use of brewer’s yeast – Pangamin – known for its positive effects on hair and skin.

For obtaining zinc and selenium is recommended consumption Brazilnut or oyster mushroom.


complications of dandruff

Complications of the disease can be traced to the overall skin condition – seborrheic dermatitis or psoriasis.

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