Chlamydia infection

Chlamydia infection

Description of chlamydial infection

Chlamydia are small organisms that we are all related to sexually transmitted diseases. They have, however, its pulmonary form which transmits Chlamydia pneumoniae. Chlamydia psittaciturn causes disease psittacosis.

Just chlamydia trachomatis causes sexually transmitted diseases. It occurs also in a form which causes inflammation of the conjunctiva, and in rare cases lead to blindness.

Doctors often sexual form of the disease referred to as a civilizational threat because it affects approximately 15% of women in the sexually active age. Bacteria often behave discreetly, that person may not even know that the sick and the disease itself subsides. Danger, however, lies in the consequences, especially for women. Can adversely affectfertility and pregnant women can cause miscarriage.


Cause and risk factors for chlamydial infection

Chlamydia is most commonly transmitted vaginally, anally andorally infected partner. However, you can catch chlamydia and direct contact with contaminated towel, bed linen, the bathroom, in the pool, shower or sauna. The disease is also transmitted from mother to child during pregnancy.

The main risk factor is failure to comply with the principles of safe sex. It is inappropriate to have sexual intercourse with multiple partners at once, or not have it with someone who has more than one sexual partner.

Portability from one person to another is very high. Therefore, it is inappropriate to use as a foreign towels.


Signs and symptoms of chlamydial infection

Deceit chlamydia lies in the fact that 75% of women and 50% of men with typical symptoms absent.That’s worse later complications can cause infection. The incubation period is reported about 1- 3 weeks.

For women may appear discomfort in the vagina as itching and pain, often worsening sexual intercourse. Furthermore, burning during urination (but it may be “just” a urinary tract infection) and abdominal pain or lower abdomen. Sometimes women can bleed between periods or after sexual intercourse.

The first clue may also be susceptible to genital pustule. In some cases become swollen lymph nodes in the groin with fever and chills.

For men may appear abnormal sensations around the urethra as pain and itching. During urination may feel a burning sensation. The testicles are swollen and painful to the touch. Sometimes it may appear painful joints.

Unprotected anal intercourse infection can cause inflammation of the rectum or rarely gland.


Treatment of chlamydial infection

Even at low suspected infection with chlamydia is necessary to see a doctor. However, it can detect up to 7 days after infection. Definitely not an old wives do not seek advice and trust into the hands of experts!

When preventive gynecological examination reveals rarely, because the test for chlamydia is not part of it. Therefore, it is necessary to request this test and not wait for preventive examination because of shyness.

Your doctor will probably first performed a swab of the cervix / urethra.

In chronic infection may facilitate a correct diagnosis serological testing of specific antibodies.

When confirming chlamydia is necessary to immediately deploy antibiotics. The actual antibiotics infection completely nevymítí but destroy and stifle most of the germs and so facilitate the body fight with them. It is important to take antibiotics properly and most importantly is all good.

The most frequently used antibiotics are disposable azithromycin and doxycycline for seven-day treatment. It is also used Summamed, Erythromycin and Roxithromycin. During treatment with antibiotics, you should protect yourself from the sun to avoid wasting not cause allergic reactions.

Maintain the recommended ban sexual intercourse until healing trouble, at least one week after completion of treatment.

In 95% of cases progress to a successful cure chlamydia. For unsuccessful, inadequately treated or recurring infections, treatment is long and tedious.
After treatment should be carried out examination after 1-2 weeks after the infection has cleared.

A very important step is to investigate and cure your sexual partner if there are more, so certainly all! May occur ping-pong reaction among the permanent partners and the spread of the virus to others random partner.


Prevention of chlamydial infection

Only by respecting the principles of safe sex will reliably protect. In case of accidental sexual sex, always use a latex condom. One faithful sexual partner is a guarantee that nedonesete any sexually transmitted disease from someone else.

Furthermore, care should be taken for intimate hygiene and use only its own towels to avoid direct contact with the infection.


How can I help myself

Many women think that vaginal douches help. Wrong! Conversely, you risk further infection of the genital tract which can lead to infertility.

Best thing, if you properly take prescribed antibiotics and all the goods.


Similar symptoms of Chlamydia infection may have

Urinary tract infection (burning sensation when urinating)


Complications of chlamydial infection

For women, there is a serious risk of infertility. In the event that the disease chlamydia is not treated, it spreads further and could seriously damage the reproductive system. Causes sticking fallopian tubes where there is a fusion of egg and sperm, which can cause ectopic pregnancy.

Enhanced infection in the pelvic area can also cause inflammation of the ovaries, fallopian tubes and uterus. These inflammations be recognized by pain in the lumbar portion of the back and in the abdomen, fever, pain during intercourse and bleeding between periods.

Infection can cause miscarriage or preterm delivery.

Chlamydia transferred to a child is most often manifests as inflammation of the cornea or lungs.It requires immediate treatment.

In men chlamydia disrupt sperm DNA and thus cause their sterility.
Untreated Chlamydia also facilitates the transmission of HIV, the cause of AIDS.

Other names: chlamydia, chlamydiosis, Chlamydophila, chlamydia, chlamydia trachomatis

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