Description of cellulite

Cellulite is not a disease in the true sense of the word, does not of any health risks. It is rather an aesthetic problem that plagues the large majority of women (according to research, it is up to 90 percent of women). Interestingly, however, it is that cellulite can be affected men.

Cellulite is a health risk if the result is overweight, with which is often associated. Cellulite appears as dolíčkovitá skin in places where women stores fat – primarily on the buttocks and thighs.

We call it orange skin, because the skin affected by cellulite reminds bark pomeranče- like an orange on its surface contains tiny depressions. Cellulite appears especially when there is a change in production and secretion of sex hormones.

Sex hormones cause changes in the subcutaneous tissue, which form pockets into which the fat cells gather. These are then filled with toxic substances which should be discharged through the lymphatic vessels, and is formed so rough and unattractive skin with dimples. Although cellulite is not a disease, it may become civilization diseases as well, such as varicose veins.


Risk factors for cellulite

Great risk of cellulite is primarily a change of hormones in the blood. It appears therefore eg during puberty, pregnancy, menopause, or the use of hormonal contraception.

Another crucial factor that causes cellulite is a weakening of connective tissue. This may occur when an unbalanced diet, lack of exercise or little fluid intake.

Another risk factor is insufficient blood and lymphatic system – it is a condition that may be due, for example, the lack of movement.

Furthermore, the poor functioning of liver contributes cellulite, because it leads to impaired metabolism tuků.Uvádí also the cause of cellulite is also drinking coffee, stress, obesity,smoking and alcohol, but also too tight, which prevents proper blood flow.

It is shown that the cellulite can be inherited, but not necessarily always occur, unless there are other risk factors mentioned above.

Although cellulite is often associated with overweight and obesity, increasingly also appears too thin and healthy people.


Preventing cellulite

To avoid formation of cellulite, it is advisable to keep the weight within normal limits and to prevent a large, fast homes are on weight. Eat lots of fruits and vegetables at least five times a day one serving.

Also limit alcohol, caffeine and smoking. Keep a regular drinking regime. Drink at least two liters of water a day.

Important is physical activity. Regular exercise rozproudíte blood and lymph circulation, get rid of the fat and improve body tone. It is also good to take care not to stand in long or not long sat and wore clothes too clamped.

Blood and lymphatic system can also support regular sauna (of course culminating in an ice bath or dipping in the icy pool) or domestic hardening – for example, alternating hot and cold water in the shower.

Another thing to ourselves we can do is to use skin creams and milks intended for smoothing off the skin on problem areas. Also important is the way in which it is applied – it is good to rub into your skin properly. This will improve the circulation of blood and lymph circulation and reduce the risk of cellulite. The important thing is this done regularly and consistently.

It is good to note, however, that this method of prevention of cellulite is rather complementary and can not rely on him. No cosmetic product is not miraculous. A healthy diet, limiting alcohol and caffeinated beverages and movement are far more important and effective means to prevent cellulite.


Symptoms and signs of cellulite

Symptoms are dolíčkovitá cellulite and bumpy skin on the buttocks, thighs and hips. Cellulite is, however, also may appear on the abdomen and hand. We distinguish four stages of cellulite:

1st stage – a hint of orange peel is only visible when you pinch the skin with your fingers. This stage is the initial stage of cellulite and there is no problem with her after regular skin care to get rid of.

2nd grade – for minor irregularities are viewed without first compressing the skin on the outside of the thighs, and while sitting on a hard surface or clenching muscles.
This level is slightly advanced cellulite (untreated cellulitis First Instance), but even this stage cellulite can be a result of consistent treatment to eliminate or at least reduce.

3rd stage – dimples are always visible, regardless of whether they sit or stand.
This degree is an advanced stage of cellulite. With strict adherence to treatment can alleviate its symptoms.

Grade 4 – the gross inequalities that result from untreated cellulite and are already irreversible. This degree of cellulite is no longer curable.


cellulite treatment

When treating cellulite we must focus on removing excess layers of subcutaneous fat, strengthen connective tissue and skin perfusion. The basis for success in eliminating cellulite or at least mitigate a balanced diet.

It is appropriate to ensure a balanced intake and energy expenditure. Diet should contain the quantity of fresh fruits and vegetables to ensure supply of vitamins and minerals and fiber. It is also good to limit processed foods. Alcohol, smoking and too sweet and fatty foods should be limited to the minimum necessary.

Another important thing is maintaining a drinking regime – it is advisable to drink two to three liters of fluid a day. The best is plain unflavoured non-carbonated water or unsweetened tea and juice from vegetables or fruits without added sugar.

When treating cellulite is also inevitable to think of regular exercise. He rid us of excess fat, stir our blood and lymph and help us to get out of the body of harmful substances and toxins that cause cellulite. It should also perform strengthening exercises to areas affected by cellulite.

Another way to stimulate the body’s blood and lymph, sauna or shower alternating hot and cold water. Another very effective method of lymph massage, which is a special massage performed in specialized centers that have recently been in the Czech Republic is very wide.

Their effectiveness in combating cellulite is that they recover and purify the lymphatic system throughput. Thus restored the lymphatic system can again function properly and removed from the cells of the skin and subcutaneous tissue waste harmful substances that give rise to cellulitis.Lymphatic massage of 45 minutes will cost you roughly 500- to 1,200 crowns and wellness centers, implementing it, usually indicate the need for at least 10 massages after one week.

But if you suffer from one or two degrees of cellulite, these expensive massage can completely replace a home massage the problematic areas and will have the same effect on you. It’s good to get a special washcloth or gross glove and rub in a circular motion every day after bath or shower. This procedure is also good to enrich the use of special creams for skin orange.

In the advanced stages of cellulite it is advisable to consult the specialist center where theyperform lymphatic massages and regularly attend. It is also good massages these interleave domestic massages and of course not forgetting a balanced diet and regular exercise. The only way to alleviate cellulite or her at milder stages completely removed.

Cellulite Treatment requires patience. Do not expect that within a week you will see great results. It takes perseverance and thoroughness, and within a few months you will see a really pleasing results – healthier and firmer skin.


complications cellulite

If wearing one will see the appearance of cellulite, it is good to just pay attention and try to remove them. The sooner you start paying them, the easier it will get rid of them. However, if you do not pay this problem and let cellulite progress to stage four, only the visible signs of cellulite will never get rid of, you risk too many other problems associated with cellulite.

Examples include poor blood circulation of the limbs (especially lower), varicose veins, venous ulcers, and painful swelling. All these diseases are caused by cellulite, which in itself is not a disease, but may give rise to disease.

Other names: orange skin, cellulitis

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