Vocal cords

The vocal cords are two elastic ligaments, which is used to create voice. They are placed on the front side of the throat, where it protects the cartilage of the pitch. Between the two ligaments is triangle-shaped voice slot. It was at this point arises voice.

Making voice

Exhaled air column vibrates strained ligaments of the pitch. Subsequently, the voice slot opens and air is released through it out. This creates a sound that influence other components perceive as our voice. His height and tone determines the length, voltage and speed of oscillation ligaments. Generally, the higher tone women because their vocal cords vibrate to two hundred times per second. For men, it’s a hundred times.In boys, the influence of testosterone increases the growth of the vocal cords. This causes the transformation of the child’s voice to an adult.This process is called mutation.

The final hue produced by passing voice resonant cavities, which are disposed above the larynx. Each person has a cavity of varying lengths and therefore also each its own unique voice. Articulation of speech also affects the position of the teeth, tongue and lips.

Besides the vocal cords in the process of speech involved a large number of muscles. Firstly the muscles of the larynx, respiratory muscles and muscles of the mouth area. Using these muscles ligaments of the pitch to each delay and closer.

Diseases of vocal cords

Voice disorders can be congenital or acquired. The cause may be bacterial, viral, hormonal or psychological origin. Sometimes it is to blame injury or allergies. One of the most common diseases of vocal cords is called singer’s nodule. Mainly affects professional singers and removed by surgery.