Veins, also called veins are blood vessels that carry blood to the heart. Arteries are similar, but have a thinner and more pliable wall. Especially the lower limbs are affected by varicose veins that can result in inflammation of the vein.

Varicose veins troubled mankind since time immemorial. They are caused by hydrostatic pressure, which pulls blood down to the ground, whereas the natural movement of the lower limbs in opposite. Blood moves up the veins to the heart. Due to these two different forces may weaker spot veins cause so-called bulging. This greatly slows down blood circulation to the legs and allows the creation of additional bulge. Varicose veins are characterized by a feeling of heavy legs and often is, those who have either too often sitting or standing.

Venous inflammation occurs in people who have slower blood circulation occurred for damage veins or blood for some reason starts to precipitate. In the hands of these infections are rare (it is usually a result of intravenous injection). It makes a difference when you suffer from inflammation of a superficial vein or internal ones. That expert, who would in such a situation should definitely look, can determine what type it is, and at the same time propose a treatment program. Because of circulatory disorders can be caused by many things, not talk about all the possibilities. But the general rule talks about a lifestyle change. Treat your feet enough rest, eat balanced meals, avoid long-term stress and if you are overweight, lose the excess pounds.