Sight is our most frequently used sense. Of all the senses, it gives us the most information, and also his most confident. Body is the eye. This is a very complex organ, which is prone to adverse effects. Like the camera consists of several parts. The most basic are the lens and retina. Lens passes light rays that are normally converge on the retina. Unfortunately lens has a very limited ability to regenerate.

Options are great visual impairment. Leaving mechanical injuries, we can talk about four basic types. Excessive amounts of UV radiation has an adverse impact on our retina and lens.Furthermore, the eye is our body against these effects, at least to some extent, protected skin.The risk is much greater in equatorial regions or in the mountains. So use good sunglasses.

Cigarette smoke, smog or industrial exhalations are substances whose composition is irritating to the eye and brings free radicals. Eye strain while poorly lit actions tired eye muscles. The last factor is the poor diet that the body does not need antioxidants to fight free radicals.

Conversely, an appropriate diet and regular checks help us maintain the health of our eyes, or to improve the deteriorated. There are substances that our body can not create from other substances, so if it is not accepted in the diet, so our organism significantly lacking. These are mainly carotenoids, some trace elements, vitamins and minerals. We can supplement natural substances or artificially from chemically prepared tablets.