This is an additional sexual gland looks like a chestnut. It is located under the bladder and urethra abuts the beginning. Very often can zduřet and for men it is an unpleasant disease. Some doctors believe that women also have their prostate, called the Skene’s glands.

Construction of the prostate

Body that is muscular-Himalayan balsam, consisting of glands that produce secretions off-white. The prostate has five basic parts of childhood that gradually merge into one body. Flesh is smooth and obviously can not control her will.

Since the prostate is stored next to the rectum is the examination is carried out this way. This might be a little uncomfortable, but it usually is not painful and takes only a few minutes.


The main function of the prostate is the addition of ejaculate. Mixed with the sperm and its share to 25%. It adds color and typical ejaculate sperm is able to protect and help them to deliver to the egg. Without the hormone testosterone gland can not function normally.

Prostate stimulation is very pleasant and is often compared to pomyslenému G spot in women. It is recommended to massage the perineum, or stimulation via the rectum.


If in prostate secretions accumulate and has nowhere to flow out, it can lead to inflammation and swelling of the entire gland. The man in this case has big problems with urination, pain appears a frequent urge to urinate. Inflammation can go to benign prostatic hyperplasia. This can lead to malignant transformation, which is very difficult to treat.

Prevention and early diagnosis is crucial in this case.