Pancreas (Latin pancreas) is a gland with internal and external secretion, which can be found stored in the abdominal cavity under the diaphragm dome. Its size is about 25 cm and has the shape of an elongated lobe. Weight is about 80 g. Empties into the small intestine, specifically in the first section – the duodenum. Here, the production of enzymes involved in digestion. An important function of the pancreas but also hormone production.

Construction pancreas

  1. head (caput) – the largest part of the body, small and large development Pancreatic connects to the small intestine.
  2. body (corpus)
  3. tail (cauda)

Breakdown by function into two glands

Endocrine glands (endocrine glands)

Produces and discharged into the blood hormones, particularly insulin, and glucagon. These hormones are formed by means of the islets of Langerhans – cell group that extends the entire length mucosa.

  • Insulin – regulates blood sugar levels and encourages its entry into the cell, creating a source of energy. The higher the sugar level is, the higher the discharge insulin. Lack of insulin secretion, or failure of its action leads to the development of diabetes.
  • Glucagon – an opposite effect as insulin, thereby maintaining balanced human blood sugar. Its effects are comparable with adrenaline.

Exocrine glands (exocrine glands)

Produces and duodenum deleted pancreatic juice formed enzymes. This juice is very alkaline. Before entering the intestine combines with bile and together followed by mixing with food digestive stomach. Pancreas juice produces only 1.5 liters per day in adult humans. It consists of the enzymes trypsin (degrades proteins into amino acids), lipase (degrades lipids to glycerol and fatty acids) and amylase (degrades carbohydrates into glucose). The management of its excretion contributes reflexes, tissue hormones and digestive tract, mechanical and chemical stimuli.

Diseases of the pancreas

Number pancreatic disease is increasing. The culprit is particularly unhealthy diet, smoking and excessive alcohol consumption. The most widespread acute and chronic inflammation, to a large extent is also represented by a pancreatic tumor. That, unfortunately, is one of the nejzákeřnějším forms of cancer. Risk but we can always minimize sufficient prevention in this case, thus avoiding dangerous factors.

Sicknesses of this body part:

Inflammation of the pancreas

Inflammation of the pancreas

Description of the pancreas The pancreas is placed in the abdominal cavity, the greater part anneals to the rear side of the stomach. We can sort it into the digestive system, because it produced enzymes aid digestion,but it must be…

Pancreatic Cancer

Pancreatic Cancer

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