The term is called neck back of the neck, which together govern the head and torso. It consists of several muscles that are more layers placed in front of the cervical spine. Its function is primarily mechanical – allows a person to move his head.

Main types of muscles

Deep muscles of the neck

Four muscles between C1 (carrier) and C2 (čepovcem), and occipital bone. Their function is to rotate the head, bending it and zaklánět.Determine its position. If in a certain position long time, leads to their blood supply, which produces pressure and neck pain. Sometimes also occur dizziness.

lifting heads

Also rocking the head. Large spindle-shaped muscle located at the sides of the neck. Due to its position, we often feel the muscle tension. It begins at the end of the sternum and clavicle bones, ends behind the auricle to the insertion tip of the temporal bone. He raises his head and works as an auxiliary breathing muscle.

Sloping neck muscles

Also known as the muscles pitch. They range from whiplash sloped toward the first two ribs. We divide them into three types:

  • anterior scalene muscle – the third cervical vertebra (C3) to sixth (C6), fastens the first rib. Strengthens bending of the spine and also functions as an auxiliary respiratory muscles. Rarely may be missing.
  • middle scalene – from the second cervical vertebra (C2) to the seventh (7), clamped to the first rib. Its function is an auxiliary breathing, rarely may also be missing.
  • posterior scalene – the fifth cervical vertebra (C5) to seven (7) clamped on the second rib. This rib is lifted.

Deep muscles of the neck

Muscles located in front of the cervical spine. The function of the movement of the head.

  • Long neck muscle
  • Long muscle head

neck pain

Are most often caused by poor posture or head, of improper or prolonged sitting, work, and when we have your head in one position (eg manual work with which we are still bent over). Similarly, the pain can be caused but also infectious diseases. Stiff and painful neck as the typical meningitis

Sicknesses of this body part:

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