Nail is hard to finish all 20 fingers of the human body. Even though it might be hard to believe, is evidence that not all of our ancestors is used as an exhibition hall for their artistic talents or gel as a repository colleagues. Fingernail is especially protective significance and its construction allows for much finer perception of the pressure our fingers.

A healthy nail has a minimum thickness in newborns. Nails are so sharp that can cause serious damage to the face or eyes, if there are two children against each hostile. The strongest nails boast the oldest people, because the nail grows progressively throughout life, even though in the age of speed may slow down.

The most common problem is a nail their excessive brittleness and fragility. This can cause a deficiency of certain vitamins and trace elements, but mostly due to the excessive drying of various detergents, paint strippers and other chemicals. If possible, protect your hands preservatives.Restoration of natural oil helps the cream or oil wraps.

Another inconvenience is any disease with fungal or other parasitic originator. These microorganisms can become infected if you have the slightest hand or foot wound, and come into direct contact with the mold. It may be at the pool, gym or even at home while using the same slippers. The risk of infection is higher as you move up in your environment (home, work, …) with someone who already suffer from that disease.

The first warning sign should it be changing the structure of the nail. Nail begins to lose its luster, the surface changes to a coarser and eventually, the color gradually changes from pink to yellow. Nail may begin gaining thickness. Subsequently comes the process of crumbling when they begin to flake off pieces of the nail, which is reminiscent of a dead reed.

Pain can be added which enhance the sensitivity of the fingertips. Raising the coin, writing or tires can be a big problem. In untreated diseases can also walk cause excruciating pain.

At the first signs of bacteria can fight alone. Use antiseptic ointments and sprays freely available in pharmacies or on the Internet. It is also necessary to disinfect clothing, shoes, towels, shower and manicure tools. Just eliminate the possible return of parasites or transfer to another person. Clothing and other textiles simply washed at a high temperature, some shoes can also wash or use a disinfectant spray on shoes. In the bathroom, use strong cleaning agents against bacteria. If you are not sure with something, you will tell you in a pharmacy or drugstore.

If the symptoms subside after your treatment, see your doctor. It is better to come sooner than later, but no later than ever. For a “mere” mold can be hidden disorder of the immune system caused severe disease. After proper examination, your doctor may prescribe antiseptic ointment combined with drugs in tablet form. If your doctor suggests removing the nail in, let it be. The process is performed under local anesthetic, and in most cases you nail grows again.