Memory is the ability to store information, and also partly operate with them. There are many memory division. According to the time remembering we can be divided into short and long term.Short-term memory stores and filters the most recent 30 seconds. Long-term memory stores filters and processes from the last 30 seconds until the first childhood memories. It is important to mention filtering process. Brain is useless to keep any information that it blows over. Therefore, we retain only the information that we think are important for us something.

There are people who remember little. And then there are people who remember even less. Of course there are people who would say that they remember a lot, but these are very few.Most people often talk about situations that remember little or not at all (child’s first steps, the first day of class …). The aim is to tease his memory and memory recall. Often it is impossible because the memory was given filtered.

However, there are situations where we have our memories almost induced, but she still never. We have her speak, “the tongue”. Such knowledge outages can be considered as memory disorders. More common situation of this illness occurs, for example, if we want to know what time it is. Looking at his watch, but a few seconds later, again we do not know what time it is.

Such insignificant situation became perhaps everyone. Worse, if you begin to repeat such states or will escalate / lengthen their duration. For example, you come home to pick up his wife. You put your wallet on the table, take the wife of a suitcase, and you start looking for your wallet, because you found out that it’s not with you. Even in this case, consult a doctor (and do not forget your wallet here).

Situations where you’re going home to pick up his wife and you realize that you do not know where he lives, is directly critical. Bezúrazová amnesia is usually temporary, but each lasts differently long. Try to stay in a safe place and searched his pocket or telephone.

If you become aware of the slightest memory lapses, but they are becoming more frequent, notify your surroundings. You do not need to inform anyone at first just a spouse or parent. With such a person see a doctor and maybe undergo an examination. It would seem that once you know where you are and why you are there. In such a situation, there is your companion, who takes care of everything. Diseases causing memory loss, are numerous and can be effectively combat them. Unfortunately for such a man, at least for a certain period of time will change the world.It’s hard to do a job, you can not go anywhere by yourself and perform many other tasks. With improving after successful treatment, it is recommended that man to leave for some time, an information paper in your pocket where it says address, name and contact a family member.

A disease that causes memory loss affects mainly the elderly, but not other groups are no exception. For some diseases, it is not clear exactly what causes them. These negative processes occur in the brain and it is not easy to stop. As a precaution it is recommended that memory training. For this purpose special courses, but also knowledge crosswords and cloze. Possible natural supplements to improve memory usage calves called choline. It is the basic building material of connections between nerve cells. For increased content of choline eat egg yolks, liver, legumes and nuts, peanut. Another popular ingredient is ginseng in combination with Ginkgo dvoulaločným. Preparations of these substances are available in pharmacies.