The lungs (pulmones, pneumonitis) are paired spongy body which is responsible for the transfer of oxygen from the air to the blood and elimination of carbon dioxide from the blood into the air.

It is the ventilation, which is air flow in the lungs.

Ventilation is composed of inspiration, isnpiria, which is an active process, which withdraws the diaphragm and intercostal muscles, leading to an increase in volume of the thoracic cavity, which enhances the vacuum to be sucked air. Exhale, expirium, the plot is passive, rozepjaté walls themselves shrink and the air enters the lungs.

The gas exchange between the inhaled air and blood occurs in the alveoli, alveolar, on the basis of concentration gradients, a simple diffusion and pH.

The lungs are also a body that is involved in maintaining a constant pH, ie in acid-base balance.