The legs are the lower limbs, which allow us to move in a straight position, which we call walking.Faster versions of this movement is running. Due to different cultures and changing technologies legs are able to carry out virtually any kind of movement. We can swim, jump, climb and ride many kinds of surfaces, including water. However, due to certain diseases we can be such a fun quickly prepared.

Ignoring the loss of functionality feet for violation of the spinal cord or brain, for most people consider the foot joints (hip, knee and ankle). This is so for several reasons. Joints, especially the smallest ankle, are most stressed parts of the body, since they have all the weight of man. Whole, not half, even though we really have two legs. When walking, one leg lifted to the next step and the other remains on the ground and maintains the balance of the body. Therefore, it is only a matter of time before you catch up with joint problems if you are overweight or obese. Thus, stress on joints is much more stressed and may lead to articular inflammation.

The second reason why nejporuchovější joints, numbness of cartilage, which is at the end of each bone in the joint capsule. It acts as a friction surface and wets it articular wax. Due to diseases such as gout and osteoarthritis the cartilage is damaged and gradually degenerates. However, because of its insensitivity that we can often begin to notice until it is too late.

Another group affects our legs are muscular disease. They are not as frequent, and perhaps therefore in the shadow of joint disease and nowadays many overlooked. It is important to know that alone do not cause movement joints, muscles but their conflicting movements. Muscles are clamped to the bones by tendons. The problem arises when the tendon or the muscle itself will burst due to excessive exertion. The muscle is able to tighten up on multiple size itself as it can crack, you think. Certain muscles actually have this ability, but they are useless when the muscle is not enough blood supply and ready for performance. This error is most often perpetrated by athletes amateurs. Restore thus affected muscle or tendon to its original place a surgical issue. Recovery can take easily a year, and even then, your muscles may never work at 100%.

If a muscle or tendon neutrhnete may cause stretching that you also for a longer period would be eliminated from the game. Frequent straining muscles and lack of proper nutrition can cause muscle inflammation, fever or muscle. Muscle fever gets rid of muscle control, and if you do some bottom disappear, can go in the inflammation of the muscle. This muscle acts while moving great pain, often swell and change color to red. Sometimes it can spread to the surrounding muscles, if nepodstoupíte professional treatment.

The muscles to function properly, it is necessary to supply materials rich in nutrients. This role is in charge of the vessel. The legs have inner cores that intertwine muscle, and external. They are visible directly beneath the skin and are responsible for paying deoxygenated blood of waste products to other organs. Due to genetic predisposition and unhealthy lifestyle, these veins may extend outward. The flaps, which could prevent the return of blood not working properly and the blood begins to accumulate in the veins. Demand for the thin vein wall and form a bulge in larger quantities are called varicose veins. These cause swelling of the feet, frequent fatigue, and sometimes cramping and pain.

The fourth type of leg trouble is mold and cold sores due to insufficient or improper hygiene. These forms of scabies and fungal infections most often occur in the toes, where they form dry or oozing bearings. Skin often smelly and itchy. It can be found in the knees, and less frequently elsewhere. If you regularly wash your feet after sports or other exercise, change socks and shoes, then you have these organisms caught on the floor shared showers or home. Use disinfectants in the form of ointments and sprays on your feet and shoes. With his wife discuss disinfection pokoupelových stomp and shower, in the best case the entire bathroom. Change towels after one use. Limit for some time longer trips and sporting Prefer airy shoes.

Even though few people realize it, the feet are very delicate and sensitive to internal and external factors. It is important to avoid physical injuries due to damage to the bone, tissue or possible infection. Each foot may become protracted foe many years. Therefore, wear protective clothing and Do not overreach. Choose sports where hard not strike or not jumping around the court. Listen to the needs of their feet and do not be afraid to see a doctor because of the seeming trivialities. Nine unnecessary visits and surgeries, one “just in time” to you in old age may save many a transaction or several years in a wheelchair.