Larynx (larynx) is a breathing tube in the shape of an hourglass. Positioned in front of the lower part of the esophagus and it is the first section of the lower airways.

Construction of the larynx

Laryngeal mucosa is lined by ciliated epithelium. Underneath is a layer prokrveného ligament, which is under the influence of inflammatory process may swell. It easily can lead to the closure of the lumen of the larynx and suffocation. Like the pharynx larynx is reinforced by cartilage.On the front surface of the larynx find thyroid cartilage, called Adam’s apple, which is remarkably raised males. Beneath it is stored cartilage ring.Other laryngeal cartilage is cartilage glottal that lies on the inner side. Among her voice is placed in the slot with strained ligaments hlasivkovými.Exhaled air these ligaments moves and thus form a human voice. All the cartilage are interconnected joints and ligaments, and forms the movable unit.

Above the mouth of the larynx in the lower part of the pharynx, passes down the trachea. Both tubes separates the epiglottis (epiglottis). When eating food with unconditioned reflex closes and protects humans from suffocation. Laryngeal muscles are made up of striated muscle and divided them into three groups – the anterior muscles, side muscles and back muscles. They play an important role in the development of voice, helping straining ligaments of the pitch and influence the breadth voice slots between them.

The function of the larynx

In addition to making voice larynx is also used for breathing, coughing and swallowing. Breathing is performed by opening the voice slot. The slit on the other hand closes shortly cough. After closing follows gusty breath, which makes the mucous breathing tube cleans and removes mucus or other outside bodies. Automatic reflex, the slot also closes when there is penetration of water or other foreign objects in the lungs. Swallow without choking hazard lets you fold the epiglottis.

Diseases of the larynx

The most common disease is an inflammation of the larynx – laryngitis. Štěkavým characterized by coughing, hoarseness or even loss of voice, sore throat, and associated high temperatures.