One of the most important parts of the human body is naturally head. The human head is actually our operating system, such as a computer. Currently, the definition of death based on the inactive brain activity, so if you do not work your brain, you’re clinically dead. That it is a brain and other sensory organs do not need further introduction. We do, however, in this article we will describe the basic division heads and the greatest attractions of individual organs. These bodies are then still get separate articles so that this information will be rather interesting.

The head is divided into two basic parts: the brain and facial region. Every part of us, of course, used to something else, and each part is interconnected nerves and circulatory system, without which it would not exist.


  • 28 of bones, which is the hardest brain box (cranium).
  • The average weight of the human head is 4.6 kg.
  • Hair serves as thermoregulation.
  • Chewing and facial muscles are important for nutrition and for the expression of emotions.
  • The head has a unique and irreplaceable piece of the human body, even identical twins are slightly different, no one has the same structure of the head.



  • Eye color may be hereditary,
  • the human eye can distinguish 10 million colors
  • We can not sneeze with your eyes open
  • if it was an eye digital camera, should resolution of 576 megapixels
  • yet the eye can not transplant, his nerve is highly sensitive.


  • Anvil and stirrup hammer, the most important bones because we have heard.
  • Sound levels above 190 db can be fatal.
  • Ear growing on average by 1 mm over 5 years.


  • Some people can grow a third set of teeth.
  • The mouth is the most susceptible to infection.
  • 2 times a year, everyone should visit the dentist, even a small child who still has teeth.
  • 2 times a day everyone should man brushing his teeth.
  • UMAMI, 5 new taste, typical of eastern countries (supposedly helps to lose weight).
  • Imprint language is as unique as a fingerprint.


  • Large number of catheters can for nosebleeds.
  • The nose mouth tear ducts.
  • Thanks to smell, we meet and we can be happy.
  • Without the smell would we tasted the food.



  • In the brain is about 100 billion nerve cells.
  • Nerve fibers wrapped the earth 200 times.
  • The brain consumes 20% of glucose around the body to accept.
  • Women are better connected right (emotional) and the left (analytical) hemisphere, so they are more emotional.
  • Watch 3D movies can be dangerous for the brain.
  • Alcohol destroys brain cells, if you drink regularly, the brain is not enough to recover.
  • To better focus put music.
  • Playing computer games to train your brain.

This article serves as a springboard for other articles that will be discussed already professionally with all functions and anatomy. News from the world of the human body are important for attracting attention and are easier to remember. You can at home, at work or with friends in the pub shine, some of the above mentioned attractions.