Hands are part of the body, which we manipulate with surrounding objects. Eyes provide retrieval of visual information from simplicity. Tactile provide us with your right hand.

The most common problems our hands, concerning the skin. Even if you do not realize it sometimes, hands are used almost in all our activities. Their skin is very strained and often subject to outside influences such as rapid changes in temperatures or chemicals in the form of detergents and other contaminants. Do we take the hands of countless daily objects made of various materials, which may not be very pleasant skin. Therefore our hand skin quickly replaced.

For these reasons, the skin is our hands are often dried. Loses its characteristics and begins to crack. Such difficulties, it is appropriate to defend hydrating or moisturizing creams, which are often enriched with herbs often to promote skin regeneration. Every organism can perceive the same product differently so it is better to try a greater variety of products in order to know which suits us best.

For some people, the interplay of internal and external factors cause eczema. This is again a skin problem. Treatment should consult an expert.At such a disease is also more types of specialized products with ideal pH factor and properties.

Part of the hand is also the wrist joint. Even there may be damaged due to articular diseases such as arthrosis , arthritis or gout, and other.Basically it is a disease that due to damaging the articular cartilage and adjacent bone subsequently. Movement becomes challenging at first and progressively painful. Therefore it is necessary to avoid mechanical injury joints that such diseases often lead, and consult a doctor if you experience a change for the worse on their musculoskeletal system.