Hair for most people make headgear. Some of them have more, some less. Historical development we realized that we can with hair quite nicely work. Someone more fitting shorter Brown, another long blond. Unfortunately, even such a tiny part of our body like hair can suffer from many ailments.

We recognize some of these basic problems: hair can be dry, oily, brittle, falling out and split ends. Advance should know that hair (as well as every other part of our body) needs for its proper existence of enough of some elements: iron, copper, zinc, iodine, proteins, lipids, water, amino acids and essential building blocks of the human body as carbon, hydrogen, , nitrogen and oxygen. Several missing elements can result in a change in hair texture, its weakness and deterioration.

Complementing these elements occurs naturally as a food, but sometimes it’s too difficult journey. As an alternative we can use tablets, beverages (soluble or in the form of tea) or classic hair care products. The pharmacy or drugstore will certainly suggest the best shampoo and conditioner for your specific hair type. Another possible route is hair wraps. This is a procedure where you are rubbed into the hair cream, paste or other formulation, which has the task of your hair enrich the missing ingredient. Individual hair problems helping other drug, so it is advisable to read the leaflet or you can consult an expert. Even on the Internet circulates many recipes, such as a home remedy create.

There are some fundamental advice that should be followed in order to condition your hair worse. Above all, make sure rich diet. Your body needs many different elements and vitamins for proper development of hair. Prefer gentle shampoos with as few chemicals. Rub gently and dry gently. If you rouge or discolour hair, choose a plant such that it transforms your hair from the core, but really only sparingly adjusted outer shell.When blow-drying or curling hair not dry fast heat, but more slowly with warm air. Protect your hair from the sun with a sufficient supply of air.