A very important role both physically and mentally, playing face. Face is able to show a bad mood, happy or angry individuals. It can also draw attention to the disease, exhaustion or fatigue.Nowhere in the world can you find people who would have had the same face, a grimace or a baby. Not even identical twins are not exactly the same. Therefore, the structure of the face is very important for both personal life and example criminologist. The face is in many situations the only body part that points to the public and so we had a very good face care.

That we have to face, eyes, nose and mouth knows about everyone, so in this article we will focus more on the interest that apply to the face. At its interesting features, speed and unique skills.



  • Eye color may be hereditary,
  • the human eye can distinguish 10 million colors
  • We can not sneeze with your eyes open
  • if it was an eye digital camera, should resolution of 576 megapixels
  • yet the eye can not transplant, it is highly sensitive nerve


  • anvil and stirrup hammer, the most important bones because we hear
  • sound levels above 190 db can be fatal
  • ear growing on average by 1 mm over 5 years


  • some people can grow a third set of teeth
  • mouth are the most susceptible to infection
  • 2 times a year, everyone should visit the dentist, even a small child who still has teeth
  • 2 times a day everyone should man brushing his teeth
  • UMAMI, 5 new taste, typical of eastern countries (supposedly helps to lose weight)
  • imprint language is as unique as a fingerprint


  • a large number of catheters may be for nosebleeds
  • nose to the mouth of the tear ducts
  • Thanks smell, we meet and we can be happy
  • no smell it would taste good food

This article was conceived more as a relaxing and inquisitive readers. In other articles already detailed look at how the human body works, what it consists of and what illnesses afflict him most. Read our articles, you’ll see that you will learn many new things about your body.