Cervical spine

The neck is the part of the body carrying the head and ensures its movements. Thanks to the axial supporting apparatus – páteřije cervical neck very mobile, a wide range of motions, including rotation.

Cervical spine (cervical, cervical spine) is composed of seven vertebrae C1-C7 vertebrae located between the plates, discs (discus intervertebralis), which absorbs shocks, help in the movement. Construction of vertebral bone gives rise to the mailbox for the spinal cord. In each storey stepping down through the foramen otvrůky few vertebrae of the spinal nerves.

The first two vertebrae atypical building, another building has been different.

The first vertebra allow movement of the head. Connections that make these two vertebrae are craniovertebral, ie. Between the head and vertebrae,

C1 – carrier atlas providing rocking movement of the head, does vertebral body has an annular shape with two articular surfaces, which is attached to the scum skull.

C2 – čepovec Axis is responsible for the rotation of the head around the vertical axis. It has a typical “tooth” (dens axis) around which the atlas rotates.

C7 spinous has a strong projection and is known as a vertebra prominens.

Vertebrae C3 -C7 – vertebrae form

  • Vertebral body (corpus vertebrae) is filled with bone marrow and abuts the intervertebral disc
  • Vertebral arch (arcus vertebrae) forms together with the body space for the passage of the spinal cord
  • The spinal processes (processus vertebrate)
  • Articular processes (processus articulares) – emerge from the vertebral arch and create areas for meziobratlovému connection(articulationes intervertebrales)
  • Transverse processes (processus Transverse)
  • Spinous projection (processus spinosus) extends rearwardly and can be palpated

Connection vertebrae also provides openings (vertebral foramen) through which can pass through blood vessels and nerves.

Strength and flexibility are ensured

  • intervertebral discs
  • Ligaments, tendons – short ligaments provide the connection between the individual vertebrae, long ligaments connect multiple decks spine
  • Intervertebral joints (articulationes intervertebrales)
  • neck muscles