Bronchus body is a tubular shape, which is part of the respiratory system. It is one of the main tube, which is extracted and supplied air the lungs. As bronchi denote two short split tube, from which then branches left and right sides of the bronchial tree. These small tubes, air is fed into the vicinity of the alveoli, where gas exchange takes place subsequently, which is known as breathing.

Alone bronchus (or a smaller portion) is formed of smooth muscles and mucosa, which constitutes the mucus against drying or as a way of removing unwanted organisms and irritation. A common illness that body bronchitis, or bronchitis. It can be caused both virus and bacteria. The chronic form is more severe than the type of acute bronchitis.

Bronchi, along with other authorities to ensure basic life functions. It is therefore not appropriate to their risk status. However, if we leave microscopic originator, we can for such diseases on their own. In winter it is a lack of dress code. Cold air will quickly settle on a warm windpipe, which may collide. Even minor problems when it is appropriate to use some of the free resources available on the soothing bronchitis. Suitable are some syrups, drops or inhalation solutions of salts or herbs.