Bladder together with their kidneys and urethra our excretory system. It is hollow, highly extensible body that serves as a reservoir for urine. Human bladder has the ability to absorb 600 to 800 ml of this liquid, however, urge to urinate felt already at 150 milliliters.

Location bladders vary according to its current volume. In the empty state is located at the bottom of the pelvic cavity. At full state extends into the abdominal cavity, or to the navel.Bladder itself may be transporting some way undesirable bacteria that are trying to get into the kidneys. This can be prevented by regular and increased fluid intake.

However, they are diseases which relate directly to the bladder. One of these is inflammation, also called cystitis. The most common cause of this disease is the bacteria Escherichia coli. Other factors include prostate disease, gonorrhea, yeast infection, hormonal fluctuations, stress, diabetes, urethral trauma or blow to the abdominal cavity and subsequent bladder injury, wearing tight pants and underwear made of synthetic fibers, inadequate contraception, promiscuity, poor sanitation and bathing in dirty water tanks.

The primary signs of cystitis are frequent urination, burning or pain mainly in domočování. Also may appear lower abdominal pain and lumbar region. Urine may stink, sometimes there are traces of blood and urine turbidity.

For the prevention or home treatment of mild symptoms, you can use many herbal teas, which specialize in flushing the urinary tract. You can also try a variety of drops or tablets freely available in pharmacies. Suitable are hot baths and avoid risk factors.

If you get such symptoms affect a greater extent, do not hesitate to see a doctor. Especially women such problems could escalate into gynecological problems that might affect a possible pregnancy. Treatment can involve only the removal of causing influences in your environment, they may also be prescribed to medications (often antibiotics). Crossing would not have to pay even men, in which could be the beginning of prostate problems. Generally the principle that it is better to see a doctor every week with little things, but once a year is a serious problem, especially in the case of the reproductive system or bodies associated with them.

Another type of disease is bladder cancer. First, something to tumors. Tumor cell or group of cells, which did not occur at the instigation of the organism, as it is with other cells. Benign tumors are kept in a box and usually do not spread further. After removal do not occur again. Malignant tumors but leave their own housing, invade adjacent organs and spread to the blood and lymph routes farther into the body. Their treatment is more difficult. The bladder may be infected with malignant tumors as well as benign.

Bearing the tumor is usually in the mucosal lining of the inside of the bladder. Symptoms are similar to inflammation. Discomfort while urinating, frequent urge to urinate and blood in the urine. Identical symptoms may also occur kidney stones. Therefore we decided not avoid visits to specialists, in this case urologist.

Cancer treatment options are virtually all in the hands of doctors from operations through the combination of drugs administered after irradiation.The possibility of reducing the risk of a proper diet. Definitely a bad start pacing diseases such as diabetes, high blood pressure and cardiovascular diseases.